First 5 Years


Asian and Black preschoolers hugging each otherShare, grow and learn with your friends by sharing songs, rhymes and stories together.



Book Jacket: Where Are Maisy's Friends
Where are Maisy Friends
by Lucy Cousins
ISBN: 9780763646691
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Rhyme: "Two Little Black Birds Sitting On A Wall"
(Let the baby sit on your lap)
Two little black birds (Hold baby’s hands one by one)
Sitting on the wall (Bounce the baby on your lap)
One named Peter, (Raise baby’s one hand in the air)
One named Paul, (Raise the other hand in the air)
Fly away Peter (Pretend to fly)
Fly away Paul,  
Come back Peter (Put baby's one hand on the chest)
Come back Paul (Put baby's other hand on the chest)

Video: "Little Blue Wagon"



Book Jacket: Little Quack's New Friend
Little Quack's New Friend
by Lauren Thompson
ISBN: 9781416949237

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Song: "Make New Friends"
(See video of this song at )
Make new friends,  
but keep the old.  
One is silver,  
the other is gold  
A circle is round,  
it has no end.  
That's how long,  
I will be your friend  


Book Jacket: You Will Be My Friend!
You Will be My Friend!
by Peter Brown
ISBN: 9780316070300
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Rhyme: "Two Fat Gentlemen"
(Follow motions of Where Is Thumbkin? Pretend each of the thumbs is a gentleman. Make a fist and move the thumbs so it looks as if the thumbs are people greeting each other.)
Two fat gentlemen met in a lane  
Bowed most politely  
Bowed once again  
How do you do  
How do you do  
And how do you do again?  
Additional verses:
Two thin ladies met in a lane…..
Two tall policemen met in a lane…..
Two small schoolboys met in a lane…..
Two little babies met in a lane…..