First 5 Years

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss Storytime at Park SlopeWith Dr. Seuss, oh the thinks we will think and the places we'll go!



Book Jacket: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
One Fish, Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
by Dr. Seuss
ISBN: 0394900138
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Rhyme: Round and Round the Garden
Round and round the garden (circle baby's  bellybutton. )
Goes the teddy bear.  
One step...two steps... (walk your fingers up baby's torso)
Tickle you under there. (Tickle your baby under their chin.)



Book Jacket:Oh the Places You'll Go
Cat in the Hat
by Dr. Seuss
ISBN: 9780679805274
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Song:  Where As My Hat Gone?
Tune: Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
Oh where oh where has my hat gone?  
Oh where, oh where can it be?  
I've looked up high, and I've looked down low.  
Did someone hide it from me?  
Repeat using different colors.  


Book Jacket: The Lorax
The Lorax
by Dr. Seuss
ISBN: 0394823370
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Rhyme: A Tree Is A Home
A tree may be a home for a bird--tweet, tweet. (flap arms like a bird)
A tree may be a home for a bee--bzzzzz! (make a triangle using thumb, index finger and middle finger.)
A tree may be a home for a snake--Ssssss! (Weave hand in and out like a snake.)
A tree may be home for a chimpanzee--Wheee! (Pretend to swing through the branches.)
Hmmm. (Touch finger to your chin.)
I wonder if a tree... (use hands to form a tree)
Would make a good home for me. (Point to self.)