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Down on the Farm!

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Down on the Farm!



Book Jacket: Big Fat Hen

Big Fat Hen
by Baker, Keith
ISBN: 0152013318
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Rhyme: "To Market To Market"
(this is a good "lap-riding" or jogging, rhyme for babies. If baby is too young to hold their head up independently, hold them securely against your chest for this rhyme.)
To market, to market (hold baby in lap)
To buy a fat pig  
Home again, home again, (jiggle them gently in time to the words)
Jiggity jig!  
To market, to market  
To buy a fat hog,  
Home again, home again,  
Jiggity jog!  


Book Jacket: This Little Chick
This Little Chick
by Lawrence, John
ISBN: 9780763628826
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Rhyme: "This Little Cow"
(this is a fun counting rhyme, with a tickle at the end!)
This little cow eats grass (hold up thumb)
And this little cow eats hay, (hold up pointer finger)
And this little cow drinks water (hold up middle finger)
And this little cow runs away, (hold up fourth finger)
And this little cow does NOTHING, (hold up little finger)
But lie around all day,
So let's chase her, and chase her, and chase her away!
(Tickle child all over)


Book Jacket: Cows in the Kitchen
Cows in the Kitchen
by Crebbin, Jane
ISBN: 0763621293
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Rhyme: "Five Little Ducks"
(count on your fingers - or your child's - as you sing this song)
Five little ducks went out one day  
Over the hill and far away  
Mama Duck said,  
"Quack, quack, quack, quack,"  
But only three little ducks came back.  
(Continue with the same words for:
Three little ducks...
Two little ducks...
One little duck...)
Sad Mama Duck went out one day,  
Over the hills and far away,  
Mama duck cried,  
"Quack, quack, quack, quack"  
--- and all 5 little ducks came back!