First 5 Years

Colors, How Beautiful!

BPL - FFY, Songs and Rhymes, Colors, How Beautiful, color pencils fan out in a circle



Book Jacket: Duckie's Rainbow

Duckie's Rainbow
by Barry, Frances
ISBN: 0763620661
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Rhyme: "If You're Wearing Red Today"
(sung to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb")
If you're wearing red today,  
Red today, red today  
If you're wearing red today  
Please wave hello!  
(Continue with additional verses as you wave other colored scarves or point to articles of clothing)


Book Jacket: Mouse Paint
Mouse Paint
by Walsh, Ellen Stoll
ISBN: 0152002650
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Action Song: "You Put Red In"
(sung to the tune of "The Hokey Pokey")
(use colored scarves or articles of clothing for each color)
You put red in, (hold red scarf/clothing and move arm away from you)
You take red out (hold red scarf and move arm back towards you)
You put red in and you shake it all about (shake the red scarf)
You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around, (clap hands, turn in a circle)
That's what it's all about!  
(Continue with additional verses as you substitute other colored scarves or articles of clothing)


Book Jacket: Planting a Rainbow
Planting a Rainbow
by Ehlert, Lois
ISBN: 0152063048
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Rhyme: "Five Little Easter Eggs"
(credit: Flint Public Library. Ring a ring o'roses: fingerplays for preschool children)
Five little Easter eggs (hold up five fingers)
Lovely colors wore  
Mother ate the blue one (bend down one finger)
Then there were four! (hold up four fingers)
Four little Easter eggs, (hold up four fingers)
Two and two, you see (point to two at a time)
Daddy ate the red one, (bend down second finger)
And then there were three. (hold up three fingers)
Three little Easter eggs, (hold up three fingers)
Before I knew,  
Sister ate the yellow one (bend down third finger)
Then there were two! (hold up two fingers)
Oh, what fun!  
Brother ate the purple one, (bend down fourth finger)
Then there was one. (hold up one finger)
One little Easter eggs, (hold up one finger)
See me run!  
I am the last one (hold up one finger)
And then there were none. (bend down last finger, rub tummy)