First 5 Years

Ready Set Kindergarten English Writing

Ready, Set, Kindergarten!

You are your child’s first teacher.
You can help your child get ready to write.

Download our writing tipsheet:
Writing Tipsheet (.pdf)

Write together!Write together!

  • Have crayons, markers, and paper in your home.
  • Scribbling leads to writing. Give your child plenty of time to scribble and draw.
  • Let your child see you write in the language you know best.
  • Help your child write her name on her drawings.

Write at home!Write at home!

  • Write shopping lists with your child.
  • Have some magnetic letters on your refrigerator.
  • Write labels for some items in your home. Read the labels with your child.

Write on the go...

  • Write or draw on the sidewalk with chalk.
  • Write or draw on the sidewalk with water and a large paint brush.
  • Take paper and crayons with you on long trips.

BPL Ready, Set, Kindergarden: Write at the LibraryWrite at the Library

  • Make an appointment to use the computer with your child.
  • Show your child how to use the keyboard to type letters.
  • Help your child type his name.

Make a Family MailboxMake a Family Mailbox

  • Make a family mailbox out of a shoebox.
  • Tell everyone in your family to write messages or draw pictures for each other.
  • Your child can deliver the mail to each family member!