First 5 Years

Ready Set Kindergarten English Science

Ready, Set, Kindergarten!

You are your child’s first teacher.
Help your child learn to observe and describe the world around her.

Download our science tipsheet:
Science Tipsheet (.pdf)

Get Ready to Learn Science!

Science is Everywhere!Science is Everywhere!

  • Your child is a scientist!
  • Encourage your child to ask questions.
  • Talk with your child about how things look, feel, smell, sound and taste.


Science at home!Science at home...

  • Cook and bake with your child. Cooking is chemistry!
  • Get a house plant and teach your child how to take care of it.
  • Let your preschooler play with magnets and flashlights.
  • Talk about what sinks and floats in the bath tub.

Science on the go...Science on the go...

  • Talk about how things change outside during the seasons.
  • Talk about what you see and hear as you go for a walk.
  • Learn about science at the park, the zoo, a science museum, or a botanic garden.

Science at the Library!Science at the Library!

  • Look up the answers to your child’s questions in books or on the computer.
  • Check out books about animals, weather, and outer space.
  • Ask your librarian for help.

Grow a Window Garden

  • Soak any kind of dry bean overnight.
  • Put the soaked beans in a clear, small, plastic bag with a wet paper towel.
  • Tape the bag to a sunny window and make sure the paper towel stays damp.
  • You will soon have a bean plant growing from your window!