First 5 Years

Ready Set Kindergarten English Reading

Ready, Set, Kindergarten!

You are your child’s first teacher.
You can help your child get ready to read.

Download our reading tipsheet for some fun ideas.
Reading Tipsheet (.pdf)

Get Ready to Read!

Read together!Read together!

  • Read with your child every day!
  • Read with your child in the language you know best.
  • Make reading fun.
  • As you read together, point to letters and words on the page.

Read at home!Read at Home

  • Make sure you have books and magazines in your home.
  • Keep children’s books near your child’s toys.
  • Let your child see you reading!


Read on the GoRead on the Go

  • Read signs while you go for a walk with your child.
  • Read menus with your child at a restaurant.
  • Read labels on packages at the grocery store.
  • When you see it, point out the first letter of your child’s name.

Read at the Library!Read in the Library!

  • Check out books about things your child likes (princesses, trains, dinosaurs).
  • Ask your librarian for help.
  • Talk about the pictures together.

Make a word treasure chest

  • Decorate a shoebox.
  • Write down the words of your child’s favorite things on cards.
  • Put them in the shoe box.
  • Take them out and read them together!
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