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How to Help - You Are Your Child's First Teacher

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Babies need to be nurtured in language-rich environments. Here's what you can do:

  • Read to your child from birth. It is never too soon to start.  Get your baby a Library Card! Visit your neighborhood library to borrow books and participate in programs.
  • Share board books with your child. These sturdy books can withstand a licking (and a chewing!)
  • Let your baby set the pace of your reading time. Encourage your baby to touch and help turn the pages.
  • Sometimes your baby won't be in the mood for reading. Try again later.

BPL - FFY, Read, Father with baby

  • Your baby loves to hear your voice. Besides reading, talk to your baby at meal times, in the bath, and during playtime.
  • Share Mother Goose rhymes with your baby. They are short, fun and help develop language skills.
  • Sing to your baby. Share beloved songs from your childhood or discover new favorites online or at BPL.
  • Read and talk with your child in the language you know best.

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Illustrations © copyright 2001 by Marla Frazee from EVERYWHERE BABIES by Susan Meyers. Reproduced by permission of Harcourt, Inc.