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Many classics are available in board book format, with stiff and sturdy pages!

For the youngest babies, look for simple pictures inblack and white.

Black on White book jacket Black on White
by Tana Hoban
ISBN: 0688119182
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I Kissed the Baby book jacket I Kissed the Baby
by Mary Murphy
ISBN: 0763624438
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Look at the Animals book jacket Look at the Animals
by Peter Linenthal
ISBN: 9780525475828
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Try short books with few words on a page.

Quick Duck book jacket Quick Duck! 
by Mary Murphy
ISBN: 9780763660222
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Peekaboo Morning book jacket Peekaboo Morning
by Rachel Isadora
ISBN: 0399236023
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Tickle, Tickle book jacket Tickle, Tickle
by Helen Oxenbury
ISBN: 0689819862
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Babies love to look at photos of other babies.

Smile! book jacket Smile!
by Roberta Grobel Intrater
ISBN: 9780590058995 
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American Babies book jacket American Babies
by Global Fund for Children
ISBN: 9781580892803
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Baby Food book jacket Baby Food
by Margaret Miller
ISBN: 9781416989967 
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Bedtime stories calm and reassure babies.

Pajama Time! book jacket Pajama Time!
by Sandra Boynton
ISBN: 9781575424279  
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Ten, Nine, Eight book jacket Ten, Nine, Eight
by Molly Bang
ISBN: 0688149014
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Time for Bed book jacket Time for Bed 
by Petr Horáček
ISBN: 9780763667795 
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Books with rhythm, rhyme and repetition help
build early literacy skills

Baby Dance book jacket Baby Dance
by Ann Taylor; pictures by Marjorie van Heerden
ISBN: 9780694012060 
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Moo, Baa, La La La! book jacket Moo, Baa, La La La! (BR)
by Sandra Boynton
ISBN: 9780671449018 
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My First Baby Games book jacket My First Baby Games
illustrated by Jane Manning
ISBN: 0694014354
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Babies learn by touching: so try books with things to feel and flaps to lift.

Where Is Baby's Belly Button? book jacket Where Is Baby's Belly Button?
by Karen Katz
ISBN: 0689835604
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Are You My Mommy? book jacket Are You My Mommy?
by Mary Murphy
ISBN: 9780763673727 
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On the Move book jacket On the Move: A Touch-and-feel Book​
by Little Bee Books
ISBN: 9781499800135 
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Sing and read with your baby

Everywhere A Moo, Moo book jacket Everywhere A Moo, Moo
by Children's Press
ISBN: 9780531245484 
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The Itsy Bitsy Spider book jacket The Itsy Bitsy Spider
by Annie Kubler
ISBN: 9781904550433
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Rain, Rain, Go Away! book jacket Rain, Rain, Go Away!​
illustrated by Caroline Church
ISBN: 9780545485425
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Share classic nursery rhymes

Big Fat Hen book jacket Big Fat Hen
by Keith Baker
ISBN: 9780152013318
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Little Bo Peep book jacket Little Bo Peep
by Tracey Campbell Pearson
ISBN: 9780374308599 
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Old Mother Hubbard book jacket Old Mother Hubbard
by Jane Cabrera
ISBN: 9780823421329
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Libros para bebés en Español y bilingüe.

Me Gusta Cuando I Live it When | Me Gusta Cuando
por Mary Murphy
ISBN: 9780152060459 
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Diez, nueve, ocho, libro de la chaqueta Diez, nueve, ocho
por Molly Bang
ISBN: 0688154689
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¿Dónde está Spot? libro de la chaqueta ¿Dónde está Spot?
por Eric Hill
ISBN: 0140557768
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Los pollitos dicen/The Baby Chicks Are Singing, libro de la chaqueta / book jacket Los pollitos dicen/The Baby Chicks Are Singing
por Ashley Wolff
ISBN: 0316067326
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¡Mamá Cló-cló! libro de la chaqueta ¡Mamá Cló-cló!
por Keith Baker
ISBN: 0152058907
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¡Qué rico! libro de la chaqueta ¡Qué rico!
por Rebeccsa Groebel Intrater
ISBN: 9780439390781
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¿Dónde está el bébé? | Where's the Baby? libro de la chaqueta ¿Dónde está el bébé? | Where's the Baby?
por Cheryl Christian; fotografias por Laura Dwight
ISBN: 1932065563
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Choose books YOU like, since you will be reading
again and again.
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  • Ask your librarian for other suggestions.
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