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Read, Play, Grow! - Playing with Toddlers (18 - 36 months)

BPL - FFY, Read, Play, Grow!, group of three of animals (hamster, rabbit) dressed as human toddlers playing together in a classroom

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For active toddlers, everything they do is a learning opportunity! They learn balance and coordination when you dance with them to music. As they repeat words you say, they develop listening skills and vocabulary. When they turn the page of a book, their fine motor skills grow. And when you roll or throw balls to each other, they build sharing and social skills.

As your child’s first teacher, you will discover the best games, toys and play times as your toddler grows.

Getting Started
  • Playing is a great distraction when your toddler is upset; direct his or her attention toward safe activities and toys.
  • Make reading playful by picking fun books with flaps to lift, holes to peek through and other interactive features. Perform actions or make sounds from the story. Let your toddler set the pace; if you notice that he or she is distracted or irritated, it may be time for a break.
  • Sharing is a concept that takes time for children to learn. Playing games that involve taking turns can help.

BPL - FFY, Read, Play, Grow!, Mother hamster dressed as human carrying a red backpack and holding her hamster dressed as a human toddler in overall and talking along a path

  • Your toddler wants to do things independently; be patient and help when you see he or she is frustrated.



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