First 5 Years

Fun Activities for Babies

BPL - FFY, Read, Play, Grow!, hamster dressed as a human toddler playing with blocks

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Shadow Dancing

Shine a lamp to project your shadow on a wall and let your baby watch you and the shadow as you dance or exercise. Add music if you like.

The Baby Box

If your baby can sit up independently, place him or her in a box with the lid open. Play peek-a-boo over a side of the box. Or cut out holes and push some soft toys or balls through. To encourage language, say things like, "Here comes the red ball!"

Board Books Blocks

Don't have blocks at home? Check out some chunky board books from the library and let your baby stack those. Or line them up like dominos and show him or her how to knock them over. Don't forget to read the books together!

Peek-a-Boo Toys

BPL - FFY, Read, Play, Grow!, hamster dressed as a human toddler in PJ hugging a baby blanket and carrying a stuff giraffle toy Hide a favorite toy behind your back. Let your baby see the side you have it on, but bring it out on the other side. Soon he or she will guess the side the toy will appear. For older babies, hide a toy under a blanket and say, "Where is the teddy bear?" Show your baby how to pull up the blanket on his or her own.

Baby Tubes

Use an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll to blow gentle puffs on your baby. You can also use the tube to play tug-of-war, to roll across the floor as your baby sits up or to hide a sock for a peek-a-boo surprise. Older babies can pull out the sock with a little help from you. Don’t let your baby chew the tube because it could cause choking.

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Illustrations © copyright 2004 by Kathy Parkinson from When I Miss You by Cornelia Maude Spelman. Reproduced by permission of Albert Whitman & Company