Test Preparation and Study Hints for Teens


Check out these resources to help you prepare for tests and develop good study habits.

Internet Links
Register for the ACT, prep for the test, find out your scores and more.
The Complete Test Preparation Website
Prepare for exams by receiving tips and helpful information!
Practice exams for testing yourself and preparing for the Grades 5-8 Assessment Tests and New York State Regents Exams
Free SAT Essay Prep Website
CollegeBoard SAT - SAT Practice: A FREE way to prepare for the essay writing feature that has been added to the SAT exam.
How SATs Work
This site explains all the basics about the SATs; what they are, why they are important, when to take them, what the SAT II is, how to know which subject test to take, what kind of questions to expect, how it is scored...and lots more!
New York State Regents Exams
Many - but not all - NYS Regents High School Exams are available online in PDF format. Availability of Regents exams varies by subject and year.
Peterson's Test Preparation
Prepare for school with comprehensive test prep information on the SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, Civil Service and Military exams and more...
Regents Preparation
This site offers help to high school student for the New York State Regents in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Also available in Spanish!
SAT Preparation
Prepare for the SAT's here. You can find out test dates, register for the SAT, get and send scores. Also includes an interactive College Guide that lets you explore and compare over 3,500 schools, and apply to your choice!
Study Hints
Hints on how to get the most out of reading, assignments and tips on how to study for tests!
Test Preparation and Test Taking Guides
How to prepare for and take tests; tips for learning, studying and taking any kind of test!
Articles & Databases
A source for test preparation materials and interactive practice exams based on official tests. Includes academic, college prep, graduate studies, civil service, technical, professional and other test preparation materials. NOTE: A current Brooklyn Public Library card is required to use this site outside of a library location!
Print Resources
411 SAT Essay Prompts and Writing Questions
Ace the written essay section of the SAT!
Get Wise! : Mastering Math Skills
Frieder, David.
The book starts off with basic math skills, than moves on to fractions, percents, algebra, roots and exponents, geometry, and more! Designed to better prepare students for standardized tests, and college admissions exams, as well as schoolwork.
McGraw-Hill's top 50 skills for a top score SAT critical reading and writing : how to think like a literary genius
Brian Leaf.
Pinpoints those obstacles that test takers face and provides the skills to eliminate them, with each book including a pretest to evaluate one's abilities, step-by-step examples, and a CD-ROM with practice tests.
Panic Plan for the SAT
Joan Davenport Carris
Just the thing for students who wait until the last minute, this crash course helps students review and sharpen math and verbal skills and practice with two full-length exams.
SAT Math Essentials
Hundreds of exercises, three complete practice tests, and access to online practice tests.
SAT Writing Essentials
Lauren B. Starkey
Four practice tests, and access to online tests which are scored and evaluated on completion.
Up Your Score : The Underground Guide to the SAT
Larry Berger, et al
Written by students, this guide includes vocabulary words, activities to boost concentration skills and memory, and sample test questions.
More Information
Where On the Library Shelves to Find Those Regents Review Books:
Barron's Regents Exams and Answers Series
420.76B - English; 468.242B - Spanish; 510.76T - Sequential Math III; 512.1076B - Sequential Math I; 512.1076B - Sequential Math II; 530.076B - Physics; 540.76B - Chemistry; 550.076B - Earth Science; 574.076B - Biology; 909B - Global Studies; 973.076B - United States History and Government