Roll With It: Skateboarding and More


Give rollerskating or skateboarding a roll.

Internet Links
How to Become a Professional Skateboarder
First step: get a skateboard. Read on for more!
How to Get a Skatepark
Get a skatepark built near you!
Life on Wheels
Photos of skaters in Southern California.
Tony Alva at Del Mar, 1975
A classic skate video from 1975.
Wonder How To
Ever wonder how to do an ollie, negative fishbrain or whiplash?
Print Resources
Skateboard! : Your Guide to Street, Vert, Downhill, and More
Constance Loizos
Find out about techniques, equipment, and competitions.
Skateboarding is Not a Crime : 50 Years of Street Culture
James Davis
Action photography, street tricks, and the subculture of skateboarding.
Skateboarding Skills : The Rider's Guide
Ben Powell
Step-by-step instructions for basic, intermediate, and advanced tricks.
Skater Girl: A Girl's Guide to Skateboarding
Rebecca Heller and Patty Segovia
Advice on how to buy a board, how to ride, skater fashion, and more, all for girls.
Nick Hornby
Avid skater Sam Jones jumps ahead to the future...and finds out he's a teen father.
Whip It
Shauna Cross
Bliss Cavendar goes for roller derbies over beauty pageants.


More Information
Keeping outdoor dance roller skating to music alive in Central Park.
New York City’s only all-female, do-it-yourself (DIY), skater-operated roller derby league.
 Find all the skateparks in NYC here.
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