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Internet Links
Lessons for the eletric guitarist.
Fareed Haque: Guitar Lessons
Guitar lessons covering technique, improvisation, theory, and more from Fareed Haque, one of the most outstanding guitarists alive today.
How to Start a Rock 'n' Roll Band
Follow these steps to start your rock band! (Number 1: Find a drummer).
Lost in the Stacks
Check out Brooklyn Public Library's "own band of wild librarians"!
Song Meanings
Read song lyrics and discuss what they mean to you.
Print Resources
Bang Your Head : The Rise and Fall of Heavy Metal
David Konow
A fun and often raucous history of the good times and wild excesses of the heavy metal scene.
Battle of the Bands
K.L. Denman
The Battle of the Bands is on, and the Lunar Ticks are determined to win!
Career Coach Managing Your Career in the Music Industry
Shelly Field
Useful tips for success in a highly competitive business. Get basic advice, industry secrets, and tips for readers looking to enter - and excel in - the exciting music industry.
Confessions of a Record Producer : How to Survive the Scams and Shams of the Music Business
Moses Avalon
A savvy guide to the various pitfalls and traps you could encounter in a music career.
Gangster Rap
Benjamin Zephaniah
Do you have to be a gangster to be a great rapper?
Guitar Hero III : Legends of Rock Songbook
You've played them on your PlayStation, now try them on a real guitar! Tabs and chords for over thirty songs from Guitar Hero III!
Lemonade Mouth
Mark Peter Hughes
A group of high schoolers in detention form a band.
Punk Rock Etiquette : The Ultimate How-to-Guide for Punk, Underground, DIY, and Indie Bands
Travis Nichols
Etiquette has a place everywhere, even in punk rock! Learn how to practice, play shows and get famous with finesse.
Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls : How to Start a Band, Write Songs, Record an Album, and Rock Out
ed. Marisa Anderson
Every year, girls attend the Rock'n'Roll Camp for Girls and write and perform a song in just one week. This book gives you all the info you need to do it yourself (you can take more than week if you want, though).
The Band: Holding On
Debra Garfinkle
Will success break up the band?
Stefan Petrucha
When Devin's bandmate is murdered, he starts to fear that his music is calling on dark forces.