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japanese street fashionIf you love fashion, read on for style inspiration, career advice, and more!

Japanese Streets
Check out these photos of crazy, inspiring, Japanese street fashion.
Looking for an internship?http://www.freefashioninternships.com/
Access thousands of listings posted by companies looking to hire dedicated and passionate fashion intern hopefuls like you. From indie to couture, design to public relations, FreeFashionInternships has a fashion internship for you.
So you want a career in fashion?
Check out information about the best Fashion Schools in NYC, including Parsons School of Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, Pratt Institute, and The Art Institute of New York City.
Step by Step Fashion Illustration Tutorial
Learn the basics of fashion illustration.
Style Rookie
This teen has become a fashion insider through her blog, which features photos of both runway fashions and her own quirky outfits.
Style Studio
Tips on altering your clothes!
Teen Vogue Quizzes
Take these fashion quizzes and find out more about your personal style!
101 Things I Learned in Fashion School
Alfredo Cabrera
The world of fashion is brought to life with 101 brief lessons on anticipating cultural trends, conceiving a fashion calendar, fashion illustration, and more.
Aspire: 200 Projects to Get You Into Fashion Design
Tracy Fitzgerald and Adrian Grandon
746.92023 F
Presents a guide on becoming a fashion designer, covering topics such as developing a theme for a collection, drawing sketches, creating a portfolio for potential clients, and finding places to go for further education.
The Fashion Careers Guidebook
Julia Yates
746.92023 Y
Find out about all kinds of fashion careers, including photography, styling and retail management.
Getting the Hang of Fashion and Dress Codes : A How-to Guide
Thomas Streissguth
391.00973 S
The history of fashion, current fashion trends, and dress codes.
Sequins, Secrets, and Silver Linings
Sophia Bennett
Three London girls meet a Ugandan refugee with a talent for fashion design.
The Good, the Fab, and the Ugly
Rachel Maude
Wealthy prep school students Janie, Petra, Melissa, and Charlotte, who together make up the newly-named teen fashion label Poseur, compete over whose Halloween bag design is the best of the lot.
Melody Carlson
Two sisters score a fashion reality show: can they handle it?
Charlotte Bennardo & Natalie Zaman
High school seniors and roomates Meg and Shar are total opposites, and must find a way to balance their love of fashion with their special-assignment Sirens.
Lynn Visible
Julia Devillers
Lynn's original fashion sense starts to get attention.
A Girl Like Moi
Lisa Barham
A girl obsessed with fashion also has a talent for trouble. Don't forget to add a cute boy and an evil intern to the mix!
All That Glitters is Not Gucci: A Poseur Novel
Rachel Maude
Melissa, Charlotte, Petra, and Janie experience lots of drama when Poseur's hot new handbag captures Hollywood tastemaker Ted Pelligan's eye.
Careers for Fashion Plates & Other Trendsetters
Lucia Mauro
Find out not only about fashion design and modeling careers, but about photography, writing, teaching, and managing retail in the fashion world!
Catwalk: Strike a Pose
Deborah Gregory
Four best friends compete in a fashion competition at Fashion International High School, with prizes that include an all-expenses-paid trip to Florence, Italy, a scholarship, a professional show, and a real shot at a career in fashion.
Chloe Walsh
Some might call it work, but as interns at a high-end couture magazine, Callie, Nadine, Ava, and Aynsley are workin' it in style.
Rachel Maude
If you put this story of fashion, romance and drama down halfway through, it's probably because your arm is getting tired.
Truth or Fashion
Chloe Walsh
The fashion industry may be stunning, but it can also leave you overworked and underappreciated.