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Think you know everything about social networking? Read on....

Shortens your links for Twitter. 

Brooklyn Twitter Users : WeFollow
Find out what’s good in the hood from the top Brooklyn tweeters.
Searches 160 social networking sites to let you know if your username of choice has been taken.
Update your profiles from a single dashboard.
Schedule your future tweets!
Habbo Hotel
A social network just for teens.
Use this directory to find people more easily on Twitter.
Nest Unclutterer
Remove those inactive Twitter followers!
Pop Quiz: Networking
How much do you know about social networking? Take this quiz and find out!
That's Not Cool
Learn to say "that's not cool" to "textual harrassment" or other forms of online pressure or bullying.
Tweet Deck
Post once from multiple Twitter accounts!
At First Sight
Catherine Hapka
When Lauren's mystery crush writes a status update about meeting an amazing girl, his Wall explodes with girls claiming to be "the one."
Exes and Ohs : A Downtown Girl's (Mostly Awkward) Tales of Love, Lust, Revenge, and a Little Facebook Stalking
Shallon Lester
Shallon Lester chronicles her dorky, daring, and awkward journey from waitress at the ninth circle of hell known as Houston's Time Square restaurant, to columnist at one of New York's leading gossip magazines, to MTV reality star, gleefully weaving in stories of all boys she's loved, lost, and avenged along the way.
Facebook Me! : A Guide to Having Fun With Your Friends and Promoting Your Projects on Facebook
Dave Awl
Reconnect with old friends and make new ones, let your friends know what you’re up to; learn Facebook etiquette: how and why to friend someone, how to socialize politely, and whether to friend your boss; and publicize your projects, business, or causes: Post to your Wall, set up a Page, put up a Marketplace listing, or invite friends to Events.
Find a Job Through Social Networking : Use Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and More to Advance Your Career
Diane Crompton And Ellen Sautter
Discover how to launch your online networking efforts and find jobs,research employers, build a network, and create online portfolios and blogs.
Go Tweet Yourself : 365 Reasons Why Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Other Social Networking Sites Suck
Janelle Randazza
Not everyone loves social networking!
Social Networks and Blogs
Lori Hile
Social networks: good or bad?
Txt Me L8r : Using Technology Responsibly
Ashley Rae Harris
This little book is packed with sage advice and words of wisdom on topics like cyberbullying, online shopping, gaming, clueless parents, dangerous sites and more.
Katie Finn
Will Madison's relationship with her boyfriend cost her her friends?