Make 'em Laugh!: Be a Comedian, or Just Laugh at One

Improv Everywhere
Pull extraordinary pranks in ordinary places organized by this NYC based group.
Kids 'N Comedy
The Gotham Comedy Club presents original stand-up comedy shows one Sunday per month, written and performed by the funniest young people, aged 11-18, from the tri-state area and beyond.
So You Wanna do stand-up comedy?
"To do stand-up comedy, you need to be virtually insane." Try it!
Tada! Youth Theater
A youth theater located at 15 West 28th Street, NY, NY 10001, between Broadway and 5th Avenue. Phone: 212-252-1619
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
Upright Citizens Brigade offers affordable comedy shows seven nights a week in NYC. Watch improv, sketch and standup comedy.
Print Resources

How to Survive a Robot Uprising : Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion
Daniel H. Wilson
818 W
Scientists all over the world are working to create and advance artificial intelligence and, one day, these robots will rise up to destroy the human race. Read this guide and know the enemy, fight back, and survive the robot rebellion.

Burger Wuss
M.T. Anderson
Got dumped by your girl? Want revenge on the guy who stole her? Then get a job where he works.
Entr@pment : A High School Comedy in Chat
M. Spooner
Told entirely in a chat/IM format, this story is about a couple of high school students who create new online identities to test their boyfriends' fidelity in a chatroom setting!
Girl 15, Charming But Insane
Sue Limb
Jess Jordan, an average 15 year-old with an embarrassing mom, a hypochodriac dad and a minestrone soup-stuffed bra, is on a campaign to get hunky Ben to notice her.
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Sherman Alexie
Junior, an American Indian, leaves his reservation school at the behest of his teacher to attend a white school where he can work on becoming a cartoonist. Moments of shocking sadness contrast with the upbeat, humorous tone.