It's Phenomenal: Supernatural Phenomena


Explore mysterious and unexplained phenomena, including your own dreams and intuitive powers!

Internet Links Paranormal Phenomena
Links to sites discussing such phenomena as psychic spies, the world's most haunted houses, ESP dolphins, and mysteries that will never be solved.
Dream Moods
An online guide to dream analysis. Includes a 4000+ word dream dictionary, discussion forums, and more.
Includes an index of dream symbols, a guide to interpreting your dreams, and the four stages of the dreaming process.
Fortean Times
Articles about and photographs of the paranormal, including an alternate history of guardian angels and an evaluation of a well-known ghost photo, the "Brown Lady of Raynham Hall."
Mythbusters: Fact or Fiction Quizzes
Do alligators live in our sewer systems? Is ketchup a vegetable? Find out if you know here.
Paranormal Parlor
Browse this paranormal photo gallery, and submit your own creepy photos!
The Museum of Talking Boards: Interactive Boards
Consult talking boards, including a Ouija board, online.
The Skeptic's Dictionary
The skeptic’s explanations for paranormal phenomena, conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and more.
Unexplained Mysteries
Participate in forums, read the latest news, and consult an encyclopedia of unexplained mysteries.
Print Resources 
Alligators in the Sewer: And 222 Other Urban Legends
Thomas J. Craughwell
Hundreds of urban legends, about strange deaths, the supernatural, and much more.
Cryptozoology A to Z : The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature
Coleman, Loren
Find out the truth behind mythical creatures such as Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster. Includes photographs and eyewitness accounts.
Land of the Blindfolded
Tsukuba Sakura
Outsuka can tell the future, while her friend Naitou can see into the past.
Teen Dream Power: Unlock the Meaning of Your Dreams
M.J. Abadie
Learn how to keep a dream diary, interpret your dreams, and even how to conquer your fears and improve your life through your dreams.
Teen Psychic: Exploring Your Intuitive Spiritual Powers
Julie Tallard Johnson
Develop your intuivitve powers through exercises, quizzes and meditations.
Too Good to Be True: The Colossal Book of Urban Legends
Jan Harold Brunvand
Dive into this massive collection of urban myths, thoroughly researched and arranged by theme (baby sitters, cars, accidents, and on).
Witch Child
Celia Rees
Fourteen-year old Mary Newbury is a witch in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts.