Get Your Head in the Game


It's time for all things football!

Internet Links
Athletic Aid
How to get recruited, and how to get an athletic scholarship.
College Sports Scholarships
Where and how to get college sports scholarships.
Fantasy Football 101
Find out how to win at fantasy football.
Get stats and updates on your fantasy football leagues here!
Friday Night Lights: Full Episodes
Watch episodes of Friday Night Lights online for free!
NFL Games Lobby
Relax with some silly online football games!
NFL Regular Season Weekly Game Schedule
NYC High School Football
Find out NYC high school football player and team rankings and profiles, and commuicate with other players on messageboards.
Yahoo! Sports: NCAA Football
News, scores and stats for Division I American College Football.
Print Resources
Dairy Queen
Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Sixteen year old D.J. wants to do more than run her family's farm: she wants to join her school's football team.
Gym Candy
Carl Deuker
Mick's under pressure to be a football star...could steroids help?
Eric Walters
Mike's new coach wants him to take steroids.
Knights of the Hill Country
Tim Tharp
High school star linebacker Hampton Green is under a lot of pressure to lead an undefeated season, but a new girlfriend and problems at home are making this even harder.
No More Dead Dogs
Gordon Korman
Detention lands football hero Wallace Wallace in the school play.