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DIY braids book coverDIY braids
by Sasha Coefield
646.7247 C
Check out various braided styles including: Tucked French braid -- Fishtail braid -- Lace braid -- Dutch braided headband -- French rope braid -- Bohemian braids -- Crisscross braid -- Double braided bun .

Game art for teens    book cover Game art for teens
by Les Pardew
794.8166 P
Develop skills like character modeling, world & level creation and animation to create art for your games.

 Chinese brush painting  book cover Chinese brush painting
by Caroline Self & Susan Self
751.4251 S
Introduces the art of Chinese brush painting including how to paint calligraphy characters.

 3D game programming for teens book cover 3D game programming for teens
by Maneesh Sethi
794.81526 S
Create a 3D game using the Blitz3D programming language and more.

 The how-to handbook book cover The how-to handbook
by Martin Oliver & Alexandra Johnson
646.2 Z
"A handy reference guide is filled with tips and tricks ... from how to unstick chewing gum to how to treat a burn" - publisher.

 Get hooked  book cover Get hooked
by Kim Werker
746.43 W
Get started with chrochet with this simple book for tweens and teens.


 Steampunk gear, gadgets, and gizmos book coverSteampunk gear, gadgets, and gizmos
by Thomas Willeford
745.5 W
Make your own steampunk accessories, including brass goggles and an armored pith helmet.

 47 things you can do for the environment book cover 47 things you can do for the environment
by Lexi Petronis with Jill Buck
363.7 P
Forty-seven things you can do to help the environment.

Stan Lee's How to draw comics  book cover Stan Lee's How to draw comics
by Stan Lee
741.51 L
Get started with drawing comics! Includes a brief history of comic books.


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