Community Awareness/Gratitude



 Two Boys Kissing  book cover Two Boys Kissing
by David Levithan
Fic Levithan
The generation of gay men devastated by AIDs urges a new generation to take joy in their existence.

 stories about family, friends, and love book cover Chicken Soup for the Soul : Teens Talk Relationships
by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen & Amy Newmark
158.2 C
This books supports and inspires teenagers, reminding them they are not alone as they read stories written by other teens just like themselves, about the problems and issues they face every day.

 a novel book cover How to Build a House
by Dana Reinhardt
Fic Reinhardt
Seventeen-year-old Harper Evans hopes to escape the effects of her father's divorce on her family and friendships by volunteering her summer to build a house in a small Tennessee town devastated by a tornado.

 a how-to guide  book cover Choosing a Community Service Career
by Amy Graham
361.0023 G
Provides illumination on a day in the life of community service professionals, including social workers, teachers, and librarians, and explores skills and training necessary to hold these positions.

 Sofi Mendoza's guide to getting lost in Mexico book cover Sofi Mendoza's Guide to Getting Lost in Mexico
by Malín Alegría
Fic Alegría
When Southern California high school senior Sofi Mendoza lies to her parents and crosses the border for a weekend party, she has no idea that she will get stuck in a Mexican village with family she has never met.

 Take what you can carry  book cover Take What You Can Carry
by Kevin C. Pyle
Fic Pyle
Although two boys grow up in vastly different times and locations, their lives intersect in more ways than one as they discover compassion, develop loyalty and find renewal in the most surprising of places.

 Pieces book cover Pieces
by Chris Lynch
Fic Lynch
Eighteen-year-old Eric deals with the loss of his older brother Duane by meeting three of the seven recipients of Duane's organs a year after his death, and pondering who they are to him, and he to them.

 Saving the environment  book cover Saving The Environment
by Andrew Langley
361.37 L
This book looks at the efforts of charity workers and volunteers, with exciting stories and case studies, and gives advice on how readers can get involved.

 Hush book cover Hush
by Eishes Chayil
Fic Chayil
After remembering the cause of her best friend Devory's suicide at age nine, Gittel is determined to raise awareness of sexual abuse in her Borough Park, New York, community, despite the rules of Chassidim that require her to be silent. .

 Zen and the Art of Faking It  book cover Zen and the Art of Faking It
by Jordan Sonnenblick
Fic Sonnenblick
If a Zen master is faking it, does the Zen master exist.


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Do Something
Pick a project to promote positive change in your community. Recycle fifty aluminum cans, voice opinions on your school lunch, and more!
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Write an essay about how volunteering has changed your life, and submit it to Teen Ink's contest.
Ask Amy: Bodies
Comedian and actress Amy Poehler encourages girls and women to battle body image issues with gratitude.
Online Mindfulness Bell
Set a mindfulness timer to increase your appreciation of the present moment.