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Bloggers Blog
Blogging news and trends for teens.
Bloglines gives you free access to an index of live online feeds - including articles, images and audio - to plug into your blog.
Write your diary online - you can even "lock" it if you want to.
Get Net Wise
Includes safety tips for teens from other teens, and lists risks by technology type.
Hennepin County Library Teen Links: Blogs
Information and advice from a teen blogger.
Post your daily thoughts and activities, and make friends with other writers!
Offers safety tips, games statistics and even videos, where teens discuss cyberbullying, giving out too much personal information, and other web safety issues.
OnGuard Online
Tips from the federal government about online safety.
Safe Online Outreach Society
Videos, quizzes, games and links about online safety.
Protect your privacy and surf safely with these essential tips.
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The encyclopedia that you can edit!
Hosts free blogs for bloggers aged 13 and up.
Print Resources
Click Here : (To Find Out How I Survived Seventh Grade)
Denise Vega
Erin's private, gossipy blog has been posted on her school's Intranet!
Confessions of a Boyfriend Stealer : (A Blog)
Robynn Clairday
Gen's blog tells the story of her break-up with her two best friends.
Extraordinary Blogs and Ezines
Lynne Rominger
All the basics you need to create blogs and publish e-zines.
Publishing a Blog With Blogger
Elizabeth Castro
Learn the ins and outs of Blogger, the free online blogging software.
The Rough Guide to Blogging
Jonathan Yang
Clear instructions on creating your blog, as well as getting people to read it!
The Secret Blog of Raisin Rodriguez
Judy Goldschmidt
After moving to Philadelphia, Raisin uses her blog to keep in touch with her old friends in Berkeley.