Genetics and Genomics


The Human Genome Project Community Conversations (HGPCC) initiative at Brooklyn Public Library creates a forum for communities to learn about the role of genomics in their daily lives and increase the genetics literacy of individuals and community groups so that they can make informed decisions in their own lives.

Internet Links
Dolan Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Interactive activities and tools including DNA from the Beginning, Image Archive on the American Eugenics Movement, Inside Cancer, and Your Genes, Your Health.
Education Resources, National Human Genome Research Institute
Educational materials about genetics and genomics for students, teachers and the public.
Genetic Alliance: Advocacy, Education & Empowerment
The alliance works to transform leadership in the genetics community to build capacity in advocacy organizations and to educate policymakers.
Genetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah
Interactive activities and tools including Biotechniques Virtual Laboratory, Do It Yourself Genetic Research, Stem Cells Spotlight, Gene Therapy, Genetic Disorders, and New Science of Addiction.
Genetics and Genomics for Patients and the Public, National Human Genome Research Institute
Information about genetic disorders, genetic testing and counseling, genetics disease prevention and treatment, and family history is available.
Genetics Home Reference, National Library of Medicine
Alphabetical list of genetics disorders and conditions, related genes and chromosomes, and tools for understanding human genetics is available.
Human Genome Project Education Resources, Department of Energy
Provides educational materials, teaching aids, online educational modules, videos, and webcasts about the Human Genome Project and its medical, ethical, legal, and social implications.
WE ACT for Environmental Justice
WE ACT is an environmental justice organization committed to empowering the community to become a proactive force on what its environment can and should be.