Substance Abuse

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ComALERT is located at 210 Joralemon Street, Third Flood, Brooklyn NY 11201. Phone: (718) 250-5557. ComALERT’s goal is to reduce criminal recidivism by providing the formerly incarcerated with the tools and support they need to remain drug-free, crime-free, and employed. In addition to drug counseling and treatment, many clients will receive a referral to and preferential placement in, the ComALERT “Ready, Willing, & Able” Program, which provides transitional employment through the Doe Fund’s Ready, Willing, and Able employment programs. In addition to receiving meals and a weekly stipend of $200 cash for manual labor jobs for up to nine consecutive months, the Day program provides the group support and reinforcement needed by the clients to maintain their sobriety. ComALERT provides weekly individual and group counseling, as well as random drug testing, to reinforce “Ready, Willing, & Able Day’s” zero-tolerance policy. PEOPLE ARE REFERRED TO COMALERT BY THE DIVISION OF PAROLE.
Exponents is located on 151 West 26th Street, Third Floor, New York, NY 10001. Phone:(212)243-3434 or 1-800-673-7370. Exponents provides drug abuse treatment, HIV counseling, life skills training, case management, outreach and risk reduction services, and hosts an annual ex-offenders conference that teaches life skills and job readiness.
Family Justice
Family Justice is located at 625 Broadway, Eighth Floor, New York, NY 100152. Phone: (212)475-1500. Family Justice provides family-centered substance abuse treatment services through La Bodega de la Familia, including alternatives to incarceration, family case management, counseling, reentry support and referrals.
Greenhope Services for Women, Inc
Greenhope Services for Women, Inc. is located at 448 East 119th Street, New York NY 10035. Greenhope Services for Women, residential and day treatment for substance abuse and reentry services for women parolees.
Kingsboro Addiction Treatment Center
The Kingsboro Addiction Treatment Center is located at 754 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 1121. Phone: (718) 453-3200. Email: The Kingsboro Addiction Treatment Center serves all of Brooklyn. Kingsboro is licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. Their mission is to provide a positive and safe environment that allows men and women to develop skills and resources that will support them following treatment. When ready to leave, the individuals develop an action plan and are put in contact with outside, alternative services to ensure their complete recovery.
Palladia Parole Transition Program (PTP)
Palladia Parole Transition Program (PTP) is locate at 1806 Third Avenue, New York NY 10029. Phone: 1-800-427-6700. Palladia Parole Transition Program (PTP)is a short-term (90 to 120 days) transitional treatment program for men with drug-related felony convictions. Admission is by referral through the New York State Division of Parole.
Phoenix House
Phoenix House New York is a statewide, residential or outpatient substance abuse center with locations in Brooklyn. Ton contact Pheonix House can call their toll free hotline: 1-800-DRUG-HELP (1-800-378-4435)or email them from the website using the "Contact Us" button on the bottom right of the webpage. They emphasize overcoming abuse by "self-help." An individual receiving their treatment will be working towards personalized goals, growth and change with the tools provided by Phoenix House staff. Phoenix House provides different programs tailored to the needs of the individual. They have a program aimed at teenagers that includes classes designed to ensure they do not fall behind academically while attending treatment. There are also programs for women who are pregnant or have children up to the age of two. Some campuses provide on-site child care, Mommy and Me classes, parenting classes, nutrition education and children receive immunizations and health care.
Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center
Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is located at 62 Hanson Place, Brooklyn NY 11217. Phone: (718) 662-7166. Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center provides substance abuse education and rehab center for ex-offenders.
Samaritan Village, Inc.
The Brooklyn Samaritan Village is located in East New York at 338 Forbell Street, Brooklyn, NY 12208.For admission to the center and assesment for further support services, call 718- 657-6195 or toll free 1-800-532-HELP (4357). There are other locations available throughout New York City. Samaritan Village offers a range of support services for chemically dependent men and women throughout NYC. There are several centers throughout the city, but the Brooklyn location serves only men. Samaritan Village offers Alternative to Incarceration, Parole Relapse Prevention , Drug Treatment Alternatives to Prison and many other highly structured services.
The Addiction Research and Treatment (ARTC)
The Addiction Research and Treatment (ARTC) has three locations in Brooklyn: (1) Fort Green, 937 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238. Phone: (718) 789-1212 or (718) 789-1214. (2) Bushwick, 1149-55 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206. Phone: (718) 574-1801 or (718) 574-1400. (3) East New York, 494 Dumont Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207. Phone: (718) 385-4000 or (718) 385-4233. The Addiction Research and Treatment (ARTC) is a substance abuse treatment program that also has a research component. ARTC began as group advocating for the rights of drug addicts. But when the AIDS epidemic hit intravenous drug users, they became active in alternative solutions to such addictions as well as research in fighting HIV/AIDS. Their treatment facility includes resources for all individuals struggling with substance abuse. They also provide a specified service for individuals addicted to opiates. In these cases clients receive prescription methadone to reduce cravings.
The DOE Fund Ready, Willing and Able Program
Various locations: (1) 520 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216. Phone: (718)622-0634 (2) Peter J. Sharp Center for Opportunity, 89-111 Porter Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237. Phone:(718)417-2500. The DOE Fund Ready, Willing and Able Program provides holisitc, residential work and job skills training program. Provides ex-offender with immediate employment, job training, substance abuse counseling, housing and other services to assist participants in overcoming joblessness and homelessness.