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America Works, Inc.
America Works, Inc. 6810 Third Avenue, Ground Floor, Brooklyn NY 11220. Phone: (718) 833-5042. America Works, Inc. offers job readiness training, job placement and retention support for ex-offenders and low-income individuals in New York City.
Binding Together, Inc.
Binding Together, Inc. 50 Broad Street, Third Floor, New York NY 10004. Phone: (212) 742-0020. Binding Together, Inc. is a high quality printing service that also provides job training and placement. If interested, training can include classes on printing technologies. Binding Together, Inc.'s job training and placement program is for individuals with multiple barriers including criminal histories, substance abuse and HIV infection.
Brooklyn Workforce 1 Center
New York State Department of Labor, Brooklyn Workforce 1 Center is located at 9 Bond Street, Fifth Flood, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Phone: (718) 246-5219. Brooklyn Workforce 1 Center, individuals 18 years old and older, this organization provides access to computer classes, job hunting resources, resume workshops, job counseling and training opportunities. Must attend one orientation held Monday through Wednesday at 9:00am or 1:00pm. Do not be late!
Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO)
The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) is located at 32 Broadway, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10004. Phone: (212) 422-4430. The Center for Employment Opportunities serves men and women returning home from incarceration who are looking for employment. Through their Neighborhood Work Project (NWP)they provide immediate, paid, short-term employment while also preparing participants with the needed skills to reenter the workforce.
ComALERT is located at 210 Joralemon Street, Third Flood, Brooklyn NY 11201. Phone: (718) 250-5557. ComALERT’s goal is to reduce criminal recidivism by providing the formerly incarcerated with the tools and support they need to remain drug-free, crime-free, and employed. In addition to drug counseling and treatment, many clients will receive a referral to and preferential placement in, the ComALERT “Ready, Willing, & Able” Program, which provides transitional employment through the Doe Fund’s Ready, Willing, and Able employment programs. In addition to receiving meals and a weekly stipend of $200 cash for manual labor jobs for up to nine consecutive months, the Day program provides the group support and reinforcement needed by the clients to maintain their sobriety. ComALERT provides weekly individual and group counseling, as well as random drug testing, to reinforce “Ready, Willing, & Able Day’s” zero-tolerance policy. PEOPLE ARE REFERRED TO COMALERT BY THE DIVISION OF PAROLE.
CONTACT: Nancy Amato Recruitment Coordinator 718.237.2017 ext. 166 or: Edward Rosario Re-entry Coordinator/Life Skills Trainer 718.237.2017 ext. 147 FAC's Developing Justice Program, launched in 2000, offers many critical services (including job training)to people coming back to their neigborhoods. They provide housing assistance, education, social services and other aid. (The recidivism rate for individuals participating in Developing Justice Programs is less than half the national average!) For individuals needing help with their rap sheet, obtaining a Certificate of Relief from Disability, or other legal questions, the Legal Action Center provides these services at FAC every Thursday. This is a tremendously valuable resource here in Brooklyn. If you have legal questions please call FAC to set them up with a Thursday appointment with the Legal Action Center. An intake interview is required. Please get in contact with Ms. Amato or Mr. Rosario, or just walk in to FAC's beautiful office building at 621 DeGraw Street. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by FAC and find out about upcoming events. Check back here for more information about FAC in the future. Fifth Avenue Committee 621 DeGraw Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Exodus Transitional Community
The Exodus Transitional Community is located at 161 East 104th Street, Fourth Floor, New York, NY 10029. Phone: (917) 492-0990. Email: info@etcny.org. Exodus Transitional Community offers workshops for violent and non-violent ex-offenders on attitudes, life skills, employment assessment and basic computer skills.
Exponents is located on 151 West 26th Street, Third Floor, New York, NY 10001. Phone:(212)243-3434 or 1-800-673-7370. Exponents provides drug abuse treatment, HIV counseling, life skills training, case management, outreach and risk reduction services, and hosts an annual ex-offenders conference that teaches life skills and job readiness.
Going Out and Staying Out
Going Out and Staying Out (GO SO) has an office in Manhattan at 91 East 116th St, New York, NY 10029. For an appointment or for additional information please call (212)831-5020. GO SO is a program for incarcerated men at Rikers Island, upstate correctional facilities or recently released individuals in New York City. Programs are tailored to the individual's needs and location. Programs include legal counseling, GED education, career training, mentorship,and a range of counseling, housing and treatment needs.
Howie T. Harp Peer Advocacy Center- The STARR Project
Howie T. Harp Peer Advocacy Center- The STARR Project Steps to a Renewed Reality is located at 2090 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10027. Phone: (212)865-0775. Howie T. Harp Peer Advocacy Center- The STARR Project Steps to a Renewed Reality provides services to mentally ill ex-offenders including employment counseling, job coaching and development, peer advocacy training and writing classes. Accessible to people with disabilities.
CONTACT: (212) 627-6252. MUST CALL TO SIGN UP FOR AN INFORMATION SESSION. NEW is a 6 week Pre-apprenticeship training program in construction trades for women (criminal histories okay). NEW has assisted over 1,000 women throughout NYC "to acheive economic self-sufficiency by accessing high-paying jobs,"(from website). This is a great pathway to a high paying, stable union job with benefits. What could be better? Day and evening classes are available. New cycles begin every five weeks. Applicants must come to and information session on Tuesdays at 10am or Wednesdays at 6pm at: 243 WEST 20th STREET, MANHATTAN, at the Judith P. Vladeck Center for Women. Applicants must meet the following requirements: Are at least 18 years old - Have a high school diploma or GED - Are interested in Construction trade - Are able to perform 8 hours of physical work - Want to change their lives! Do it!
StreetWise Partners
StreetWise Partners, Inc. 11 Park Place, Suite 701 New York, NY 10007, phone number(212) 971-0078 and email team@streetwisepartners.org. StreetWise Partners (SWP) is an organization that builds mentor relationships between top-notch business corporation volunteers and low-income youth between the ages of 18 and 24 (both young men and young women). These individuals are able to enroll in a free 14-week mentorship cycle including an office skills program that will help them develop career planning skills, resume and cover letter writing, 30-second elevator pitch, interviewing techniques basic computer skills (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and appropriate office etiquette. The goal of this training is to give the youth job skills and an expanded professional network, which they may leverage to obtain meaningful work or a higher educational degree. Each young adult participant will be paired with a mentor, who is a working professional in New York City.
The Business Outreach Center
The Business Outreach Center has two offices in Brooklyn (1) North Brooklyn Business Outreach Center Business Outreach Center Network, Inc., 85 South Oxford Street, 2nd Fl., Brooklyn, NY 11217, Phone: 718 624-9115 (2)South Brooklyn Business Outreach Center, Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush , 1546 Coney Island Avenue, Suite 2L, Brooklyn, NY 11230, Phone: 718 253-5262. The Business Outreach Center is staffed with talented individuals who will work with clients one on one, oftentimes taking clients from drafting a business plan and securing financing all the way through tax considerations and marketing. Clients can come back to BOC as long as they like and speak with a counselor about their unique small business needs. They will work with you as much or as little as you like.
The DOE Fund Ready, Willing and Able Program
Various locations: (1) 520 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216. Phone: (718)622-0634 (2) Peter J. Sharp Center for Opportunity, 89-111 Porter Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237. Phone:(718)417-2500. The DOE Fund Ready, Willing and Able Program provides holisitc, residential work and job skills training program. Provides ex-offender with immediate employment, job training, substance abuse counseling, housing and other services to assist participants in overcoming joblessness and homelessness.
CONTACT: 718-852-9307. The HOPE Program is holding information sessions on DECEMBER 10th and DECEMBER 18th. Sessions begin at 9am SHARP! HOPE is an award-winning, full-time work readiness program for adults who are motivated to enter or return to the workforce. They provide specific training in how to choose, find, get, and keep a job- and much more. And there is no cost to participants! Students must attend class 35 hours a week, Monday through Friday for a 12 week cycle. There is a terrific internship componant and upon completion of the cycle, HOPE bosats an impressive 75% job placement rate for its grads! They even stick with you after graduation if you need help staying motivated in your job or job search. "Attending an information session is the first step toward becoming a part of HOPE! We will discuss all the details of our work readiness program with you and you can begin our intake process that day. The session runs from 9 am until approximately 11:30 am. Please bring proof of age, your Social Security card, and a high school diploma or GED if you have one. (A GED IS NOT REQUIRED FOR ADMISSION INTO HOPE.) ELIGIBILITY: applicants must be 18 years or older - able to read, write, and speak English - be drug and alcohol free for at least four months - able to work legally in the United States - able to commit to a full-time program - Please make sure that you are on time!" (from the beautiful new website)
The National H.I.R.E. Network
The National HIRE Network office is located at 225 Varic Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10014. Phone: (212) 249-1313. The National HIRE Network is an organization, affiliated with the Legal Action Center, that has the goal of bettering the Reentry process for individuals with incarcerated histories. The National H.I.R.E. Network provides training and technical assistance to agencies working to improve the employment prospects for people with criminal records.