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A. Pintura: Art Detective
Help A. Pintura solve "The Case of Grandpa's Painting"
Children's Reading Room at the Museum
Calling all parents! Come visit the Children's Reading Room at the Museum of Unnatural Mystery! We have a list of great stories to print out and read with your children.
Codes, Ciphers & Secret Messages
Learn Morse code, send a secret message or break someone else's secret code! Visit this website and explore the world of codes, ciphers and secret messages.
CryptoKids: America's Future Codemakers and Codebreakers
National Security Agency's site for children with games, puzzles, codes, ciphers, and activities related to cryptology. Directions for making a cipher disk, a cipher wheel, and a code stick at home.
FBI for kids
Learn how the FBI works. Play games and learn computer safety tips.
Kidsdomain - Guess the animal
Animals of the world. The object of the game is to try and guess the mystery animal using as few clues as you can.
Kidzpage Jigsaw Puzzles
Do you love jigsaw puzzles but have done every one you own? Well, explore this fun page for puzzles ranging from 6 to 40 pieces.
Managing Stan
Want to learn Latin? Pig Latin that is! Click on the link above to learn.
Secret Messages for Kids only
Do you want to turn your words into secret messages but don't know how? This site will do it for you! Just type in your sentence and the scrambler machine will turn your message into a secret message. Forgot what your secret message says? Easy, just hit the unscramble button!
Who Dunnit?
Are you interested in finding out who dunnit? Learn about fingerprinting, teeth impressions and how to solve a crime.