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 Out of this World, view from spaceOUT OF THIS WORLD...BLAST OFF!!!

3..2...1....BLAST OFF! This month on Kidzone you'll be able to learn all about space and space exploration.  You will find websites that have the latest information on space and books that will tell you all about space and space travel.  You'll find out all kinds of cool facts about the planets, stars, and rocket ships. 

So buckle up for an exciting trip to outer space

...3..2..1...blast off to Kidzone!!!!

Internet Links:


A comprehensive site that describes all about the planets and what occurred on this date in space history.  Read about the Apollo missions to the moon and astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

Women of NasaWomen of NASA

Learn all about the history of women in the space administration.  Aim high!!



This site is for NASA, the national organization that studies space.  It will tell you how to enter a solar storm contest, update you on space mission news, and tell you what you need to know to become an astronaut.  Out of this world!!!

Science News for KidsScience for Kids

This site has interesting articles on ancient cosmic light and "diamond planets" made out of precious gems, and our new planetary neighbor next to nearby star, Alpha Centauri B

National GeographicNational Geographic: Star Journey

Learn all about the Hubble telescope and constellations in this very up-to-date website from National Geographic

Dawn a Journey to the Beginning of the Solar SystemDawn:A Journey to the Beginning of the Solar System

This site published by the California Institute of Technology, will give you activities to do and things to think about.  Create your own asteroid belt and space craft

The ConstellationsThe Constellations and Their Stars

This site will tell you all about the brightest stars in the sky and the organization of constellations.  Star light, star bright!!!

Amazing SpacehhAmazing Space:The Night Sky

Learn all about Saturn's rings and Jupiter's "red spot" as well as tour the night sky on this interesting site



**Learn all about astronomy, astronauts, space travel and space science on this interesting and fun site.

Database question: Which are the five planets visible to the unaided eye?


The First Moon Landing, book coverThe First Moon Landing
by Thomas K. Adamson ; illustrated by Gordon Purcell and Terry Beatty ; [colorist, Otha Zachariah, Edward Lohse]
J 629.45 A
A graphic novel about the first visit to the moon. Rad, man!!

>Exploring Space with an Astronaut, book coverExploring Space with an Astronaut
by Patricia J. Murphy
J 629.45 M
A good book for early readers on astronauts and what they do in space.  Mission control, do you copy?

>The Kids Book of the Night Sky, book coverThe Kids Book of the Night Sky
by Anne Love & Jane Drake ; illustrated by Heather Collins
J 520 L
What a book!! Learn how stars form and the history of the moon.  Lots of information on constellations, too

> The Earth is a Planet, book coverNicolaus Copernicus:The Earth is a Planet
by Dennis Brindell Fradin ; illustrated by Cynthia von Buhler
J 520 F
An informative book on the Polish scientist and his great contributions to astronomy

>Don't Know Much About the Solar System, book coverDon’t Know Much About the Solar System
by Kenneth C. Davis.  Ill. By Pedro Martin
J 523.2 D
The Milky Way isn’t just a candy bar—and here is the book to prove it!! Learn all about our galaxy in this well-illustrated book.  Appropriate for upper-elementary school grades

>Zoo in the Sky, book coverZoo in the Sky: A Book of Animal Constellations
by Jacqueline Mitton ; pictures by Christina Balit
J 523.8 M
A great book for lower-elementary grades, this book tells all about the “animals” we see in the sky at night.  Learn about the swan, the lion,  and the bears, oh my!!

>Wonderful World of Space, book coverWonderful World of Space
by Andrew Fraknoi 
J 520 F
This book, published by Disney, is written in a question-answer format.  Chapters on planets, stars, and space exploration are accompanied by children’s favorite Disney characters

>Astronauts and Other Space Heroes, book coverAstronauts and Other Space Heroes
by Sarah L. Thomson
J 629.45 T
A publication by the Smithsonian, this book tells all about the history of space travel.  Learn all about famous astronauts’ personalities and why other astronauts like (or dislike!) to work with them

> 13 Women Who Dared to Dream, book coverAlmost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream
by Tanya Lee Stone
J 629.45 S 
This book tells the story of 13 women who dreamed of and trained to be astronauts but were held back by circumstances beyond their control.  Definitely an inspiring read

>The Amazing International Space Station, book coverThe Amazing International Space Station
by The Editors of YES Mag.
J 629.442 A
What cost $100 billion and took 16 countries and more than 40 space missions to complete?…why…the International Space Station, of course!! Weighing in a 450 tons, this laboratory teaches us all about the solar system and universe.  Out of this World!!!