Now You See It Now You Don't


Amaze your family and friends! Learn how to be a magician with these great books and websites. Maybe you can even make your homework disappear!

Internet Links
Activity Village Magic Tricks for Kids
This website has crafts and coloring pages and a couple of neat card tricks, Cut the Kings and "Magnetic" Cards.
Easy Tricks for Kids
Wayne Kawamoto shows you how to do nine different fun magic tricks, including The Vanishing Bead, The Rubber Pencil and The Jumping Paper Clips.
Magic the science of illusion
The California Science Center in Los Angeles has a whole room full of magic exhibits (like The Living Head and The Rising Chair) which you can see on this website. You can also read a history of Magic and biographies of famous magicians.
Magic Tricks
Rita and Shelly show you how to do 18 different magic tricks, and they give you 7 tips and hints to make you a better magician.
MysteryNet's Kid Mysteries
This website is mostly about great mystery books for kids, but it also shows you how to do a few magic tricks, like Into Thin Air, Loose Thumb and Hanky Stand-up.
Optical Illusions 4 Kids
Another kind of magic trick is the optical illusion. See if you can look at these pictures without getting dizzy. They seem to be moving, but they really aren't moving at all!
Zoom - Magic Tricks
The PBS Kids website has magic tricks that were actually created by Chris from Massachusetts, who is a kid himself! Learn the Disappearing Quarter and Disappearing Salt Shaker tricks.
Print Resources
Amazing magic tricks : apprentice level
by Norm Barnhart
In the second book in his series, Norm Barnhart shows you the Freaky Mind Weld and the Spooky Spoon and several other magic tricks.
Amazing magic tricks : beginner level
by Norm Barnhart
The popular magician Norm Barnhart has written four books explaining his best magic tricks, from beginner to expert level. In this first book, learn how to make candy appear out of nowhere, and ten other tricks.
Amazing magic tricks : expert level
by Norm Barnhart
Are you ready to try the hardest magic tricks that only the professionals can do? Then take a look at Norm Branhart's fourth and final book!
Amazing magic tricks : master level
by Norm Barnhart
In the third book in his series, Norm Barnhart shows you how to make a plastic lizard disappear out of your hand and suddenly start crawling up your back!
Harry Houdini for kids : his life and adventures with 21 magic tricks and illusions
Laurie Carlson
Born into a poor immigrant family in 1874, Harry Houdini became the world's most famous magician. In addition to his magic tricks, he astounded audiences by being able to free himself from any chains or other restraints, even while underwater!
Kids make magic! : The complete guide to becoming an amazing magician
Ron Burgess ; illustrations by Marie Ferrante-Doyle and Sarah Rakitin
This book shows you how to put on a great magic show, starting with selecting a magic wand and making your own top hat. And it teaches you 20 magic tricks to perform.
Magic secrets
by Rose Wyler and Gerald Ames ; pictures by Arthur Dorros
For younger readers (grades 2-4), this book will get you started doing exciting and easy-to-learn magic tricks, like turning four pennies into five.
Nutty challenges & zany dares
Bob Longe ; illustrated by Ethan Long
This book goes beyond the usual magic tricks to teach you to put on a whole kids variety show, including finger tricks, pencil-and paper gags, mathematical capers, brain teasers and goofy stunts.
Prepare to be amazed
by Mary Schendlinger
This is a magician history book, with ten biographies of the greatest magicians of all time, including Harry Houdini, The Great Lafayette, Doug Henning and David Copperfield. There are also instructions for several magic tricks, like Water Transplant and X-Ray Eyes.