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Internet Links

Cinema: How are Hollywood films made?-
The director, producer, actors, screenwriter, and film editor are all essential players in the journey from concept to finished film.

Clay Animation Station
What would be a better reference for clay animation than a clay animation movie?

Disney Archives: Characters
Alphabetical listing of all Disney characters past and present, both cartoon and human. Includes an illustrated history of each.
Universal Studios Kid's - Games
Fun & Games: Sights, Sounds & Songs: and coloring corner activities based on Universal Home Video releases.
Articles & Databases
Online literacy program that pairs classic Weston woods storybook films with related nonfiction eBooks from Scholastic.
Children can look online for a dictionary, atlas, timelines or just information on any topic. Search words, camera, lights, action and you get results on shutter speed and motion, how sounds comes to the screen.
Print Resources
Lights, camera, action!
adapted by Jim Fanning ; illustrated by Len Smith and Caroline Egan
In an episode of the television show "Bolt," the dog hero uses his superpowers to protect his owner, Penny as she tries to rescue her scientist father from the evil Dr. Calico and his minions.
Lights, camera, action! : making movies and TV from the inside out
Lisa O'Brien ; illustrated by Stephen MacEachern
A step by step description of how a movie is made from a child actor's perspective.
Meet The Gecko
by Wendelin Van Draanen ; illustrated by Brian Biggs
Shredderman sets out to help the young star of his favorite television show.
Movie magic : a star is born
written by Anne Cottringer
About a girl auditioning for a science fiction movie, spends a day filming at a movie studio.
The Neddiad : how Neddie took the train, went to Hollywood, and saved civilization
by Daniel Pinkwater ; illustrations by Calef Brown
Humorous fiction, having something to do, related to Hollywood.
Thomas Edison for kids : his life and ideas : 21 activities
Laurie Carlson
Aims to encourage aspiring inventors and scientists. Lot of movie crafts.
Where the wild things are
story and pictures by Maurice Sendak
After he is sent to bed without supper for behaving like a wild thing, Max dreams of a voyage to the island where the wild things are.