It’s a Big World


Have you ever wondered what it's like to travel to faraway places? You can get some ideas with these books, websites and databases. The library is your passport to the world!

Internet Links
How to Fold an Origami Envelope
Follow the easy step by step instructions while you fold your own envelope
Kididdles - songs for children
Sing along to this great traditional song, "Kookaburra".
Multicultural Paper Dolls
Learn how to make traditional clothes for your paper dolls from around the world!
National Geographic for Kids
How much do you know about Mount Everest? Find out in this fun quiz.
Learn the names of different animals in many different languages.
Articles & Databases
Encyclopedia Britannica Online includes a dictionary, an atlas, timelines, and information for writng reports. You can learn more about the world by searching different countries and cities. Do you know who celebrates the holiday of Diwali? Enter the term "Diwali" to learn more about this festival of lights.
Print Resources
Dim sum for everyone!
Grace Lin
A family shares yummy dishes in Chinatown.
Dodsworth in Paris
written and illustrated by Tim Egan
Duck stirs up mischief for his friend in the City of Lights.
Gorilla doctors : saving endangered great apes
Pamela S. Turner
The story of the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, which is working to save gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda.
How my parents learned to eat
Ina R. Friedman ; illustrated by Allen Say
A young girl recounts how her parents learned each other's traditions.
It's disgusting-- and we ate it! : true food facts from around the world-- and throughout history!
by James Solheim ; illustrated by Eric Brace
An unusual culinary tour featuring squirrel pie, roasted spiders, and garbage stew.
The Thief Lord
Cornelia Funke
On the run in Venice, orphaned brothers team up with an elite crew of street children.
Tracking trash : flotsam, jetsam, and the science of ocean motion
Loree Griffin Burns
Discover how garbage can travel around the world on ocean currents.
What can you do with a rebozo? = Qué puedes hacer con un rebozo?
by Carmen Tafolla ; illustrations by Amy Córdova
A young girl plays with her mother's traditional Mexican shawl.