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 Internet Links

Websites with downloadable apps for mobile devices are indicated with *

Brooklyn Coloring Book
Get printable illustrations of Brooklyn landmarks, and have fun coloring them in.
Cartoon Network-Games *
Games! From Cartoon Network! How can you go wrong?
ChessKids Academy
Chess beginners and experts will gain mad chess skills on this fun site.
Disney Channel Game Finder *
Play and keep track of your favorite Disney Channel games.
Doesn’t your brain deserve to have fun? Visit this site and give your brain a treat.
Highlights Magazine Online
Highlights magazine, online!! There are lots of fun things to do, so check it out.
National Geographic Kids
Go wild online with fun games and activities.
Like to watch Nick? Here’s where to click!
When they want to have fun, kids go to PBS Kids Go!
PBS KIDS Mobile *
Professor Garfield
Garfield, the smartest cat around, has lots of fun activities here for you.
RIF Reading Fun -- Activities
There's a lot to do on this Ter-RIF-ic site.
Scholastic Kids
The Baby-sitters Club, Captain Underpants, Goosebumps and lots more are all here. You love the books and you’ll love the website too.
Sports Illustrated Kids
Sports games, sports trivia and sports fun all on one sports site.
The Art Zone
Let your inner artist out online and have lots of fun at the same time.