Fall Celebrations


Fall Festivals

Come and learn about different fall festivals that are celebrated by the many cultures in Brooklyn


Internet Links

Fall CelebrationsA Sukkot-Sukkot & Simchat Torch-Jewish Kids
Learn about the holiday of Sukkot in a fun way!


Fall CelebrationsChinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
Watch a video that tells the story of the Moon Festival and its origins


Fall CelebrationsThe 1st Thanksgiving Student Activities for Grades PreK-12 www.scholastic.com/scholastic_thanksgiving/
Find out about the 1st thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Native Americans


Fall CelebrationsDiwali
Learn about Diwali which marks the last harvest of the season


Fall CelebrationsAutumn Equinox
Come and learn some interesting facts about the Autumn Equinox


Fall CelebrationsVeterans Day
Come learn about Veterans Day and other Holidays that we celebrate


Articles and Databases

Fall CelebrationsBookFlix
Come visit BookFlix and listen to a story or read along with the text

Print resources

Thanking the Moon, book coverThanking the moon : celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
by Grace Lin
Each member of a Chinese family contributes to the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival


Mooncakes, book coverMooncakes
by Loretta Seto ; illustrated by Renné Benoit
A young girl and her parents are celebrating the Chinese Moon Festival, during this time her parents tell her three legends of the moon


Red eggs and dragon boats, book coverRed eggs and dragon boats : celebrating Chinese festivals
by Carol Stepanchuk
J 394.269 S
This is a book about the celebration of Chinese festivals. Most of the Chinese festivals are based on the lunar calendar. It includes festivals such as the Chinese lunar New Year, Clear Brightness festival, Full-month red egg and ginger party, Dragon Boat festival and Moon festival


The food of China, book coverThe food of China
by Tamra B. Orr
J 394.1209 O
Explore the culture, traditions, and festivals of China through its food


Celebrate Thanksgiving, book coverCelebrate Thanksgiving
by Deborah Heiligman
J 394.2649 H
Learn how the custom started and what it means today


I am the turkey, book coverI am the turkey
by Michele Sobel Spirn ; pictures by Joy Allen
Mark does not want to play the turkey in the second grade Thanksgiving play, but then he ends up saving the day


Sammy Spider first Sukkot, book coverSammy Spider's first Sukkot
by Sylvia Rouss ; illustrated by Katherine Janus Kahn
Sammy Spider learns about the festival of Sukkot by watching the Shapiro family build their sukkah


All about Sukkot, book coverAll about Sukkot
by Judyth Groner and Madeline Wikler ; illustrated by Kinny Kreiswirth
J 296.433 G
Discusses the history and customs of the Jewish fall harvest holiday, Sukkot, and includes a retelling of "The Big Sukkah" by Peninah Schram


 a family seder, book coverSukkot : a family seder
by Judith Z. Abrams ; illustrated by Katherine Janus Kahn
J 296.433 A
Presents information about the harvest festival, Sukkot, with prayers, readings, and songs


A pioneer Thanksgiving, book coverA pioneer Thanksgiving : a story of harvest celebrations in 1841
written by Barbara Greenwood
J 394.2649 G
Come and learn about the first Thanksgiving.