Databases for Kids


Welcome! If you need homework help and information then you’ve come to the right place. This is a one-stop-shop for all of your homework and information needs. Don't want to look through book after book? Then why not try one of the databases we've selected for you. So what is a database? A database is a site that will look through hundreds of newspapers, encyclopedias, magazines and books for you. All you have to do is type in one or more words to describe what you are looking for and then let the database do the rest.

The Brooklyn Public Library also has other databases that are available for young adults and adults.

Good luck!

Articles & Databases
Amazing Animals of the World

Articles, photos, audio recordings, videos, games, and more about the animal kingdom. Learn about how different animals sleep, what they eat, and where they live.

Do you know your state flower? Check this site for state by state information, history and current events for elementary and middle school students.

Find out about a variety of animals, where and how they live, the latest news about them and who's filming them right now. Includes television footage from BBC nature documentaries and audio clips.

Watch, read and learn! A fun way to read for PreK-3 grades. You can even find films and books in Spanish.

An in-depth reference resource for older students and adults. Includes articles, web links, and information on worldwide current events.

If you need a dictionary, an encyclopedia, an atlas, timelines or just information, this site contains everything you’ll ever need for homework help.

Electronic version of Britannica's Enciclopedia Juvenil

Read e-books and watch online videos based on titles from the Cornerstones of Freedom nonfiction American history book series. Includes report and project ideas, quizzes, and lesson plans.

Find articles on the following subjects using one search box: science, geography, history, animals.

Find articles from newspapers and magazines written for kids (Kindegarten to 8th grade) on different topics: science, current events, social studies, etc.

Exciting database designed especially for students in kindergarten through grade five. Complete with an engaging, developmentally appropriate graphic interface, premier reference content and the best magazines for elementary students.

Una enciclopedia escrita en español desde una perspectiva Latinoamericana. Cubre temas tales como la geografía política, física y económica de las regiones del mundo hispano.

This database gives you a fun way to discover other cultures, countries and people all without leaving your chair.
Find articles and information from middle school magazines, newspapers and more.
This is a good online encyclopedia for elementary school students to find information for reports. There are also fun facts, web links and current events.
Visit this database for science homework help and fun science project ideas.
This database for students in grades 6-12 is full of essays on popular topics, articles, photos, pictures, video clips and more.

Read and listen to e-books and watch videos online based on titles from the Trueflix nonfiction book series. Also look up project ideas, extra information, and lesson plans for teachers and others.

Watch and read-a-long with this collection of animated, talking picture books.