Cute and Cuddly


It's great to have a pet. These are websites, databases and books that tell us about owning and caring for a pet and most of all having fun with a pet! What kind of pet would you like?

Internet Links
Breeds of Livestock-Horses
Learn about all different kinds of horses, from Abyssinian to the Zhemaichu. This site provides information on dozens of breeds of horses: their history, their uses, their physical characteristics, their temperament and more. There are lots of good pictures too.
Healthy Pet
The site gives tips for a healthy pet by the American Animal Hospital Association. This site includes tips for choosing a pet and traveling with a pet. Make a pet eCard and enjoy activity sheets, games and more!
Articles & Databases
Type "Pets" into the search bar. Click the first link entitled "Pets." After reading the articles answer this question. What is the main reason that people have pets?
Print Resources
Best in show for Rotten Ralph
written by Jack Gantos ; illustrated by Nicole Rubel
Ralph wants to beat his perfect cousin Percy in the Cat Show. Sarah helps Ralph improve his image and get in shape so he can be the winner.
Good dog
poems by Maya Gottfried ; paintings by Robert Rahway Zakanitch
This collection has sixteen poems with illustrations about sixteen different breeds of dogs. The poems capture the playfulness and friendship of dogs.
Hamster and cheese
Colleen AF Venable ; illustrated by Stephanie Yue
A graphic novel features Sasspants, a guinea pig, who reluctantly agrees to act as a private investigator when Hamisher, the hamster, begs for her help. Who is stealing sandwiches from the pet shop's owner?
Oh no, Newf
by T.T. Sutherland
From the Pet Trouble Series, book number 5. Heidi is thrilled to find a huge, energetic, abandoned Newfoundland dog named Yeti. Heidi love Yeti, and she loves how much Yeti loves her ... but is there really room enough for both of them?
Presidential pets
by Laura Driscoll ; illustrated by Christian Slade ; and with photographs.
Photographs and illustrations help new readers learn about ordinary and extraordinary pets that have lived in the White House. There is a profile of Bo, the Obamas' Portuguese Water Dog.
The incredible journey
by Sheila Burnford ; with illustrations by Carl Burger
A Siamese cat, an old bull terrier, and a young Labrador retriever travel together through the Canadian wilderness. They travel 250 miles facing hunger, exposure and wild animals to find the family they love.
Top 10 small mammals for kids
Ann Graham Gaines
The book discusses general care information such as grooming, diet, handling, and health for the top ten small mammals for kids.
Barbara A. Somervill
From the series "Cool Careers" this book provides information on veterinary medicine. The book covers its history, the education and training needed, and a day in the life of a veterinarian.