Bike the Branches with Dora and Friends


Bike the Branches with Dora and Friends, Dora at Central Library with Bike the Branches poster Explore Brooklyn with Dora the Explorer while you celebrate spring! Whether finding family programs at local parks and museums, learning Spanish language skills or discovering some cool new animal facts, we promise a fun-filled spring that kicks off with BPL's very own Bike the Branches and the Dora and Friends Family Friendly Tour. A free helmet distribution and giveaway will be held at Central Library on Thursday, May 5. Go on a photo safari with Dora as she visits fun places around Central Library for its 75th Anniversary.

See Dora Explore Central Library with Bike the Branches


Exploring Isa’s Garden with Dora
Internet Links

Website-Giggle Poetry Rockalingua
Watch music videos, play games and learn original Spanish songs about numbers and colors, feelings, parts of the body, ABC’s, the four seasons, weather, and more. Content changes monthly.


Website-Giggle Poetry Prospect Park Audubon Center
The Audubon nature center offers free weekend activities for visitors who want to learn about bird watching, habitat exploration or even take fishing lessons. Borrow a Discovery Pack to explore the park on your own and stop by the two Pop-up nature tents for more fun programs.

Website-Brooklyn Children's Museum Brooklyn Children’s Museum
With a freshwater pond and activities for kids of all ages, Brooklyn Children's Museum is a great destination for Spring! With separate activity areas for children under five, you can bring the whole family. Have fun exploring the museum's collection of over 30,000 historical artifacts on world cultures, history, science and nature through fun, interactive exhibits.

life family education, logo Bike Safety - Life Family Education
Bike helmets save lives and are necessary for all children, including young toddlers when they ride on their parents bikes. Older kids who play sports such as roller blading or riding skateboards also need helmets. This web site has information on a variety of topics and ideas for family activities.

Website-Brooklyn Children's Museum Discovery Kids
After visiting the zoo or hanging out in nature, look up fun facts about the animals you saw or want to know more about. Watch videos, play games, get book and app recommendations -- all while exploring your world.


Website-Brooklyn Children's MuseumProspect Park with Kids
With the Prospect Park Zoo, playgrounds, animal carousel and the roller rink now open, Prospect Park is a great place relax outside for a Sunday family outing. Don't forget to visit Lefferts Historical House for fun programs and the Zucker National Exploration Area -- a new nature center and unstructured play area in Prospect Park.

Articles & Databases

Kids Search Amazing Animals of the World 
Click on Amazing Animals button on left menu for articles, photos, audio recordings, videos, games, and more about the animal kingdom.  Learn about how different animals sleep, what they eat, and where they live.

Encyclopedia Britannical Library for Children Encyclopedia Brittanica Online for Kids
Whether its for transportation, recreation or sport, more than 65 million people ride bikes regularly in the U.S.  Type "cycling" in the search box to find web sites and articles about bicycle riding, including road racing in Europe and America, and the science of bicycles -- how they work by transferring force using gears. 


State Birds Rap
Do you know your state bird? Join Barry the Bald Eagle as he is shown around by MC Blue (the Eastern bluebird is New York State's official bird) on a tour of New York. There are videos for each state's official feathered friends.

Print & Media Resources
Every Day Birds, book coverEvery Day Birds
By Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
Families can learn how to identify the most common birds and learn cool facts about their feathered friends. Did you know orioles love oranges?
Dragon in the School, a Dora book, book cover Dragon in the School
adapted by Mary Tillworth
Dora and Friends Golden Book features a surprised Dora when a Dragon shows up at school.
Bike Safety: a crash course, book coverBike Safety: A Crash Course
by Lisa J. Amstutz

Written for early readers, this book includes bike safety, bicycle history and a guide to the many different types of bikes available including BMX and racing bikes.

Along a Long RoadAlong a Long Road
By Frank Viva


Illustrations and brief text evoke a bicycle ride, with its ups and downs, sweeping turns, and vivid views.

by Kristen L. Depken
When a town mayor will not let his daughter dance, Dora and her friends endeavor to prove that dancing can be both safe and fun.


Kid's container gardening book coverMy Bike
by Byron Barton

Tom tells all about his bicycle, his ride to work past trucks, cars, and even elephants, and his job as a circus performer.

Jackson Jones and Mission Greentop book coverThe Girl and the Bicycle
by Mark Pett 

His A wordless picture book in which a girl sees a bicycle she wants to buy, works hard for a kindly neighbor to earn the money for it, then gets a pleasant surprise.  

The Garden thief book coverPoppleton in Spring
by Cynthia Rylant; illustrations by Mark Teague

Poppleton the pig celebrates spring by doing some spring "cleaning," attempting to buy a bicycle and spending some time in a tent.