Amusement Parks and Rides


BPL - KidZone: Amusement Parks and Rides, iconic images of rides at Coney Island past and presentDo you love the thrill of the roller coaster?  Getting soaked with your friends on a water ride?  Going around and around on the Ferris Wheel or the Carousel?  If yes, this month’s theme is for you: Amusement Parks and Rides!  It was the kid’s choice pick from a few month’s ago, so step on up and learn all about amusement parks.


Roller Coasters
Learn about the invention of the roller coaster and the various inventors involved in creating and improving the roller coasters we use today.

History Channel: Coney Island
Brooklyn’s very own Coney Island was an important part of amusement park history.  Read about the how it started and the people who built it.

Roller Coaster Database
Look up thousands of database from all over the world and check on each roller coaster’s speed, dimensions, and design.

Amusement Park Physics
Explore the science behind your favorite rides at the amusement park. There is a game that allows you to create your own virtual roller coaster.

The History of Theme Park Inventions
There are more than just roller coasters at a theme park.  Discover interesting facts about the most popular rides at amusement parks, carnivals, and circuses.

Database Question

New Book of Popular Science
Have you ever wondered how a roller coaster works?  Well, it is all about physics.  Use The New Books of Popular Science to find out the science behind roller coasters.  Click on the SciClopedia and look up the article, “Physics on a Roller Coaster.”


The Ride That Was Really Haunted
Steve Brezenoff; Illustrated by Marcos Calo
Samantha “Sam” Archer and her friends get trapped inside the Haunted House ride at Fun City.  They need to find out if there really is a ghost and a way outside before it is too late.

Galaxy X
Franklin Dixon
After accidents seem to be happening all over a new theme park and the owner receives threatening emails, Frank and Joe try to find the person behind the sabotage before anyone else gets hurt.

Randy Cecil
After the amusement park where he lives and works as a carousel animal closes, an alligator explores the world outside, but he misses his former life.

Wet and Wild!
Nancy Krulik; Illustrated by Aaron Blecha
George, skateboarder and class troublemaker, tries to be on his best behavior while at a birthday party at a local water park.

Me, All Alone, At the End of the World
M.T. Anderson; Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
A young boy lives a solitary life at “the end of the world”, but has his quiet world becomes interrupted by Mr. Constantine Shimmer, who intends on building an amusement park and bringing many tourists to the boy’s peaceful place.

Mermaids on Parade
Melanie Hope Greenberg
A young girl gets dressed up and marches in Coney Island's Mermaid Parade in celebration of the beginning of summer.

Thrills, Spills, and Cosmic Chills
Dan Greenburg; Illustrated by Macky Pamintuan
During a visit to Dizzyland, Klatu, Lek, and Ploo, three alien siblings from planet Loogl, help Mu, who is trapped in a sideshow zoo, to be set free.