Brooklyn in the Civil War - Resources for Teens


Learn more about the Civil War, one of the most important events in United States history, through these books and web sites.

Internet Links
American Memory: Selected Civil War Photographs
Browse the Library of Congress' terrific collection of Civil War photography.
Brooklyn in the Civil War
Learn about Brooklyn's history and the Civil War at the Brooklyn Public Library's own web site!
Camp Life
"Soldiering is 99% boredom and 1% sheer terror," wrote a Civil War soldier. Find out what the daily life of a Civil War soldier was like here.
Civil War Image Map
Choose a state from the map and get a detailed list of the Civil War battles that took place there, broken down by county.
EyeWitness to History: American Civil War
Gripping firsthand accounts from the Civil War.
John Wilkes Booth Escape Route
The search for Abraham Lincoln's assassin lasted for two weeks - trace Booth's route here!
The American Civil War Homepage
Long, long list of Civil War links, to private letters from the time, local histories, bibliographies, and more.
The Civil War: A Film by Ken Burns
Click your mouse on the archival images to find out the fascinating stories behind them.
Uncle Tom’s Cabin and American Culture
Explore the controversial novel Uncle Tom's Cabin through primary documents, songs, poems, film and more in this multimedia archive.
Uncovering African Roots – Slavery
Where in Africa did America's slaves originate?
World Almanac for Kids: American Civil War
Concise, clear outline of the Civil War, with helpful background information.
Print Resources
A Separate Battle: Women and the Civil War
Ina Chang
Shows how women influenced the course of the Civil War, as slaves, abolitionists, fund raisers, spies, and even soldiers.
Black Stars of Civil War Times
Jim Haskins
Biographical profiles bring notable African-Americans of the Civil War era to life.
Fields of Fury
James M. McPherson
The Civil War was the greatest conflict to happen on our nation's soil. This books brings to life the tragic struggle that divided not only a nation, but also friends and family.
Lincoln and Slavery
Peter Burchard
This biography of the sixteenth president focuses on the issue of slavery and the impact it had throughout Lincoln's life.
Lincoln tells a joke : how laughter saved the president (and the country)
Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer; illustrated by Stacy Innerst.
A biography focusing on the 16th president's sense of humor and its transforming role in a presidency challenged by civil war and unpopularity, in an accessible portrait that also describes Lincoln's talents as a comic storyteller.
Outrageous Women of Civil War Times
Mary Rodd Furbee
Biographies of women from the North and South who made a difference during the Civil War.
The Red Badge of Courage
Stephen Crane
Henry Fleming, a young Union soldier, struggles with his conflicting emotions about violence, death, and the nature of bravery in this ironic, skeptical account of the Civil War.
Those Courageous Women of the Civil War
Karen Zeinert
Examines the important contributions of numerous women - Northern, Southern, and slave - to the American Civil War. The women profiled had a presence on the battlefield, in print, on the home front, and in other areas where they challenged traditional female roles.
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe
This dramatic story of slaves in the South before the Civil War was widely read and helped influence the abolition movement of the 1850s. It highlights the experiences of fugitive slaves escaping to the North, and the misery inflicted by slaveowners on the people considered their property.
Voices from the Civil War: A Documentary History of the Great American Conflict
Milton Meltzer
Provides eyewitness accounts of the war's battles, culled from letters, diaries, memoirs, songs, speeches, and articles.
With Every Drop of Blood
James Collier Lincoln
Fourteen-year-old Johnny is on a bold mission to supply the Rebel troops with his family's mules and wagon when he is captured by a black Union soldier--Cush, a runaway slave.