Women's Health

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-See also BREAST CANCER and CANCER sites-

Abuse Against Women
On the home page of this site is information on violence against women under the heading "A-Z Health Topics." This sites includes violence in many settings but has critical information for abused women including the signs of abuse and how to get help. It also includes: types of abuse; dating violence; same-sex relationship violence and stalking. There is a red "escape" button on each page in case the abuser comes near while the victim is reading the page.

Food, Exercise and Emotional Health
"Bright Futures" is a series of questionaires that help you document your exercise and eating habits as well as emotional health. One also helps evaluate your health as a new mother. You can also use these to discuss you health with with your health care provider.

General Information
Information about various women’s health topics and health organizations. NWHIC is a service of the Office on Women's Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Health Issues
Information on various women’s health issues, including fact sheets. Office of Women’s Health is a part of the FDA under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Hormone Therapy
The risks and benefits of hormone therapy are discussed at this site.
Basic information about what it is, what can be expected, how often pads/tampons should be changed and what changes or circumstances mean a health care provider should be visited. This site is excellent to understand this important part of a woman's life and would be great for explaining the facts to a girl about to start or just starting mensturation. It would also help women from cultures that don't provide much information about their bodies.
Statistics and Facts
Statistics on health status, health risk factors, health care utilization and mortality are available. 
Women’s Health
An alphabetical list of women’s health topics, health tips, and information about research is presented.
Women's Health USA 2012
This site has a lot of information but the most useful are the facts and statistics about the major health issues for women and a focus on the health disparities among racial and ethnic groups who have different risks and rates of disease.