Senior Health Information

Internet Links
Aging Parents: 7 Warning Signs of Health Problems
Good advice about about big and little signs that aging parents are not able to take care of themselves or have medical issues that need to be taken care of.
Alzheimer's Disease
This page focuses on how the disease is diagnosed.
Elder Abuse
At this site New York City's Department of Aging presents the kinds of elder abuse and what victims and families can do about this common problem.
FDA Food & Drug Administration
Be an active member of your healthcare team.
The official federal government source for consumer information on Medicare.
New York City's Senior Services and Programs
This is the place to find out about the many programs and services available for seniors.
New York State Long Term Care Ombudsman's office
The Ombudsman Program is an effective advocate and resource for older adults and persons with disabilities who live in nursing homes, assisted living and other licensed adult care homes. Ombudsmen help residents and their families understand and exercise their rights to good care in an environment that promotes and protects their dignity and quality of life.
NIH Senior Health
A website for older adults developed by the National Institute on Aging and the National Library of Medicine that includes information to read, videos to watch and some of the health care issues of seniors.