Children and Cancer 
Read very basic and more detailed information. The site includes cancers in teenagers and young adults.

Colorectal Cancer 
Information from the American Cancer Society on this leading cause of cancer.

Colorectal Cancer 
Basic information is provided as well as advanced details about advanced issues; the site includes pictures and videos. Some information is also available in Spanish.

Daily News About Cancer
This site offers daily news about cancer issues from the American Cancer Society. You can read articles on different types of cancers, living with cancer, and learn about activities, news, or resources in your area. There is also information on treatment options and how to make treatment decisions.
The American Cancer's site allows you to pick which kind of help you need and then find sites by zip code.

Learn About Cancer
The "learn about cancer" tab on the home page of the American Cancer Society leads users to a list of cancers and gives detailed information about each. The web site also includes information on everything from cancer prevention to dealing with end of life issues.

Leukemia in Children
This is a very informative site that covers what symptoms parents should look and more. It also covers information about issues after treatment.

Lung Cancer
A great place to go for thorough information.

Mesothelioma Center
A site with detailed information about the causes of this cancer and resources for people suffering from it.

Most Often Asked Questions About Cancer 
Lots of answers and links from each to find more information.

Prostate Cancer
The American Cancer Society tells men why they should be tested, suggests questions they need to ask their doctor, provides informational videos and more.

Prostate Cancer
For patients and those who will be diagnosed, here is a glossary of terms, including drugs, associated with this cancer.

Signs and Symptoms
The signs and symptoms of cancer are discussed on the American Cancer Society website.

Skin Cancer
The site groups skin cancer into 3 groups: basal squamous cell, melanoma and lymphoma. By clicking on one of the choices you will see information ranging from signs, symptoms and diagnosis to survival rates.

Testicular Cancer
The types of testicular cancers are described here.

Videos on Living with Cancer
Videos on dealing with cancer are linked to this site.