Banking & Investment Landscape


Feeling overwhelmed by the enormous amount of personal finance information available on the Internet? Here are some good websites and books for learning the basics of saving and investing.

Internet Links
More than a trusted source for comparing checking, savings, money market, CD, credit card and mortgage interest rates, also provides bank ratings, news, advice, blogs and online calculators.
Financial Calculators
Financial calculations are fun and easy with these online calculators. Find out answers to a range of personal finance questions such as "What is my current cash flow?" "Lease or buy an auto?" "Pay down debt or invest more?"
FINRA: Products & Professionals
From an overview of basic banking products to choosing to an investment professional, FINRA's Products & Professionals guide gives you solid information to help you make the best saving and investment choices.
Investing Online Resource Center
Facts about investing online, including 8 things every investor should know, myths and facts about online investing and how to choose an online brokerage firm. Novice investors can learn how to avoid costly investing mistakes by using the Investing Simulator Center.
The most comprehensive and readable investing dictionary on the web. Also includes tutorials, articles and stock market simulator games. Major drawback is excessive advertising.
Money Essentials
From, lessons on basics of banking and saving, investing, employee stock options, saving for college, buying insurance and more.’s Investing Classroom
Do you enjoy interactive quizzes and self-paced online learning? Explore Morningstar’s extensive selection of free 10-minute classes on stocks, funds, bonds, and portfolios.
SEC's Roadmap to Saving and Investing
A brief, easy to understand introduction to the basics of investing.
Yahoo! Finance
Get a feel for how the markets are doing with breaking news headlines and streaming quotes on this top site for financial news and information. Good for quick research on historical stock prices, creating custom charts, finding SEC filings and company financials.





Library Materials
Elements of Investing
Malkiel, Burton Gordon
Timeless, easy-to-read guide on lifelong investment principles.
I Will Teach You to Be Rich
Sethi, Ramit
Six-week personal finance program for 20-to-35-year-olds.
Little Book of Bulletproof Investing
Stein, Benjamin
Outlines the steps required to protect one's money from today's financial calamities.
Making the Most of Your Money Now
Quinn, Jane Bryant
“Best all-around” personal finance book according to Consumer Reports (but a little heavy!).
Your Money Milestones
Milevsky, Moshe Arye
Examines the nine major money milestones, including paying off student loans, having children, purchasing a home and retiring.






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