Marketing Specialty Foods


Do you make the world's best brownie or the hottest salsa and want to sell it to the hungry public? Before venturing into the delicious, but competitive world of retailing specialty foods, take time to get some hard-headed advice and practical instruction to make your venture work. The following resources offer an introduction to the food industry and the importance of establishing a niche, carrying out market research, developing marketing strategies, and analyzing start-up costs. The directories listed can lead you to food distributors, ingredient suppliers, and retail outlets, while the internet sites and magazines will keep you up-to-date with industry trends.

Internet Links
Brooklyn's Food Chain
The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce published this analysis of the food industry in Brooklyn, focusing on manufacturers as well as purveyors. : Marketing 101
Use the tutorial for tips on publicity, branding, packaging, and pricing. The site provides helpful resources related to distributing products.
National Association for the Specialty Food Trade
The "News & Information" tab provides market profiles and market trends. Use the "Product Finder" tab to find contact information for manufacturers, distributors, and importers of food products.
The Food Institute
An excellent place to begin researching the food industry. Provides up to the minute and historical information covering every aspect of the food industry.
Yahoo Finance: News by Industry
Follow trends and get to timely news by clicking on the appropriate links; try “Retail (Grocery)” and “Retail (Specialty)” for food-related results.

Articles & Databases
Search by keyword and locate articles from over 800 publications. Topics covered include advertising, industry trends, finance, marketing, and more.
A business and residential directory of telephone numbers, addresses and business owners/manager. Create marketing lists by sorting potential customers by location, type, or size of business.

Print Resources
Directory of food service distributors
From kitchen to market : selling your gourmet food specialty
Stephen F. Hall
Marketing without advertising
Michael Phillips & Salli Rasberry
Plunkett's food industry almanac
Thomas food and beverage market place
United States gourmet food distributors directory

More Information
See also: Annual Consumer Expenditures Study, Business & Career Library 664.05 P       Grocery Industry Annual Report, Business & Career Library 658.9 P96