Doing Business with the Government


The following books and websites can help demystify the complicated process of landing government contracts. Remember that each level of government (federal, state and local, as well as individual agencies in some instances) purchases goods and services separately and therefore needs to be contacted individually. At all levels of government, programs are in place to promote minority- and women-owned businesses.

Internet Links
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
This Act was signed into law by President Obama on February 17, 2009 and is commonly referred to as the economic stimulus money. This document, created by BPL librarians, describes a number of sites that publish the exact amounts of money and names of companies or state government agencies that have accepted economic recovery money.
City Record On-Line (CROL)
CROL offers current and archived solicitations and awards, and gives vendors the opportunity to register to receive bid notifications by e-mail. Solicitation notices afford vendors and contractors the opportunity to compete for New York City's $7 billion worth of contracts for various categories of goods and services.
Empire State Development
Provides specialized government market information and techniques to businesses that are unfamiliar with government sales. Check out "Doing Business in New York State: A Guide to Understanding the State's Procurement Practices."
FBO is the single point-of-entry for federal government contracts over $25,000.
Federal Marketplace
A commercial site with articles, proposal writing help, links and more.
Mayor's Office of Contract Services
Lists the contracting officers for many of the NYC agencies that purchase goods and services, and also provides application forms for interested bidders.
New York State Contract Reporter
The official weekly listing of bidding opportunities for New York State. You can sign up for a Free online subscription.
NYC Business Solutions Selling to the Government
Guide to selling goods and services to the government. Covers city, state and federal levels.
NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services
This agency contracts for most of the goods the City buys. Use this site to register to receive bid invitations, as well as to learn about all aspects of the process.
NYC Department of Small Business Services Procurement Outreach Program
Offers consultation and seminars on government procurement, especially at the city level, and helps minorities and women qualify for the MWBE program.
NYC Procurement Policy Board Rules
Procurements by NYC mayoral agencies are governed by the Rules of the Procurement Policy Board.
Procurement Technical Assistance Centers
Provide a wide range of assistance to businesses interested in government contracting through individual counseling, classes, seminars and networking events. Click on "Find a PTAC" for local centers. Most services are free of charge.
U.S. Small Business Administration Contract Opportunities
Explains all the aspects of the procurement process, from understanding the regulations, to determining what goods and services different agencies use, to explaining how to market your business and how to make bids and write proposals.

Print Resources
City record: official record of the city of New York
Also available online (see above), the printed publication of the City Record is the authoritative source for solicitations and other notices from New York City agencies.
Getting started in federal contracting : a guide through the federal procurement maze
Barry L. McVay
Government contracts in a nutshell
W. Noel Keyes.
A guide to the legal aspects of government procurement and contracts.
Government prime contracts monthly
Procurement revolution
Mark A. Abramson
Win government contracts for your small business
DiGiacomo, John
Winning government contracts : how your small business can find and secure federal government contracts up to $100,000
Parvey, Malcolm