When You Look, What Do You See? by John Denninger

February 13, 2014 - May 30, 2014
Central Library, Lobby Gallery
Natural and human-made collages of texture, light, shadow, shape, and composition.

I have been photographing the small and large, smooth and rough, light and dark, as well as reflections of reflections for over 50 years. I generally focus on what is not obvious, too small, too large, or too vague for general appreciation. When you LOOK, what do you SEE? is the mantra for my work. Accordingly, I have one theme: open up the hidden world for all to see.

There is such beauty from natural and human-made collages of texture, light, shadow, shape and composition. I put these concepts in all of my photos. Primarily associated and working in the world of construction, I am always breaking down and building back, and in many cases making the ugly, broken, and seemingly uninteresting into a drama of kinetic recreation.

BPL Exhibition, John DenningerJohn Denninger took up photography as a high school student at Newark Academy in Newark, New Jersey, and continued during his studies at City College. Throughout his career in construction management, Denninger has documented his projects through photography, most recently in charge of repair at six Brooklyn Public Library branches and The Frick Collection after Hurricane Sandy. Denninger currently works for Westerman Construction.

E-mail: jwdenninger@westermancm.com


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