Waiting for the G Train

October 23, 2006 - January 30, 2007

Williamsburgh Library, Art Gallery (branch info)

Waiting for the G Train

An exhibition of oil paintings by Atsushi Ohashi.

Artist Statement
In my paintings, you will see people on the platform of a subway station, waiting for the headlights of a train. I started creating this series in 2003, the year I moved to Greenpoint from Chelsea, Manhattan. My new train line greatly interested me because of its name, the G train. To me, "G" sounded like something fundamental to human beings - something important and purposeful, rather than a chance designation from the MTA. The "G" is serious and essential, as in gravity, ground or geometry. Even the Japanese symbol for the letter "G", also pronounced "gee," means a base, ground or earth. Also, similar sounding words are used to express self and time."

Japanese artist and art educator, Atsushi Ohashi, was a Tokyo-based artist and moved to NY in 1996. Before his move, he was a lecturer at the prestigious Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. Ohashi has 20 years experience in the art world. He currently lives in Greenpoint.