Various Bookworks

September 27, 2011 - December 3, 2011
Central Library, 2nd floor Balcony Cases
Various Bookworks: Drawings and Books

by Martha Lewis

These are selected book covers and interior drawings from my published work with Columbia University Press, Oxford University Press (UK) and others. Shown here is a mix of printed works, original art and preparatory drawings that highlight my process. There is also a sampling of my unique handmade books.

I have no one style or medium–I look to the manuscript to see what I think the artwork should look like. I often work with the book's designers and discuss which approach to take in terms of how the image will work with the type. I certainly have aesthetic preferences, but these are always put in service of the book as a whole. I really enjoy this aspect of the work–it's like a game or puzzle to solve.

Very little of my work is done on the computer. Even when I collage, I like to cut and paste. I like the work to have a handmade, tactile quality that I often find lacking in digitally produced images.

BPL - Exhibition: Various Bookworks, Martha Lewis, headshotMartha Lewis Lewis is the educational curator at Artspace in New Haven. This year she exhibited her work in Brooklyn at Central Booking and in Connecticut at Luchsinger Gallery and Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism Gallery. She has taught drawing through the college seminar program at Yale University and at Columbia University. She earned a Master of Fine Arts in painting and printmaking from Yale University.

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BPL - Exhibition: Various Bookworks, the Implied Spider, Martha Lewis
The Implied Spider
©Martha Lewis

BPL - Exhibition: Various Bookworks, French Gastronomy, Martha Lewis
French Gastronomy
©Martha Lewis

BPL - Exhibition: Various Bookworks, An Abridged Illuminated Proposed Second Edition of OJMAM, 2010
An Abridged Illuminated Proposed Second Edition of OJMAM, 2010
©Martha Lewis