Spill: Drawings and Books

June 28, 2011 - September 18, 2011
Central Library, 2nd floor Balcony Cases
by Ellen Driscoll

These drawings imagine a future world in which our present resource consumption results in the refugee camp atop the water tower, detritus floating near an outdoor field hospital with an oil rig on the horizon, and a military convoy near an abandoned highway overpass. Using the limited palette of grisaille or sepia, the worlds in these drawings are drained of color, yet filled with flux and fluids to indicate the instability of the worlds they depict.

The accordion book form allows for quiet, filmic transitions of scale, inviting the viewer to suspend disbelief and enter the small, compressed, dystopic worlds I've drawn.

Ellen Driscoll is the head of the sculpture department at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has exhibited her work in solo shows at the West Cork Arts Centre in Ireland, Frederieke Taylor Gallery in Manhattan and Smack Mellon in Brooklyn. She has also shown her work in group shows at many venues, including the Brooklyn Zen Center, Allandale Farm in Massachusetts and Gasp Gallery in Boston. This year she was the recipient of a Robert and Margaret MacColl Johnson grant from the Rhode Island Foundation. She earned a M.F.A. in sculpture from Columbia University.

To contact Ellen Driscoll:
ellendriscoll@gmail.com | www.ellendriscoll.net

BPL - Exhibition, Ellen Driscoll, Spill: Drawings and Books, Glacier
© Ellen Driscoll

BPL - Exhibition, Ellen Driscoll, Spill: Drawings and Books: Accordion
Accordion Book
© Ellen Driscoll

BPL - Exhibition, Ellen Driscoll, Spill: Drawings and Books: Construction Site
Construction Site
© Ellen Driscoll