The Shape of Space

Central Library, Grand Lobby
The Shape of Space: Part I Photographs by David Verrico

Gritty industrial images are captured with remarkable beauty and sensitivity in the photographs of David Verrico and Michael Heffernan. BPL is delighted to show their work in a two-part exhibition series, The Shape of Space, Parts I & II.

See The Shape of Space: Part II, photographs by Michael Heffernan

The Exhibition

Every image in David Verrico's exhibit can be found within 20 blocks of the Central Library at Grand Army Plaza. Taken mostly in Gowanus and Redhook – the photos reflect Verrico's fascination with land use and how people express themselves through the built environment. Rising real estate values, rezoning, and clean up at the Gowanus Canal are changing the physical dimensions of these neighborhoods, according to the artist. His large format color prints document these subtle but powerful changes.

Artist Statement

This exhibition of photographs, my first in Brooklyn, represents observations from my walks throughout the south Brooklyn landscape. All of the images were made within 20 blocks of the Central Library at Grand Army Plaza.

My interests in land use, urban history and how we express ourselves through the built environment generally influence the content of my photographs. In addition, I tend to be attracted to areas that are more likely to experience transition. With rising real estate values, rezoning to increase density, efforts to clean the Gowanus Canal, and its geographic proximity to Manhattan, downtown Brooklyn may undergo many developmental changes. Given the long view of history, Brooklyn has continued to expand; its physical landscape continues to be transformed.

With the exception of two images that were produced with a 4 x 5 camera, these photographs have been made with a medium format twin lens reflex camera with a waist level viewfinder and a built in 80mm lens. Since I like to work with how elements of a composition come together within a viewfinder, these photographs are full frame un-cropped images. I prefer to make photographs and the experiences of wandering around to darkroom activities, but I have printed all of the images in my exhibit except the two large format photographs, which are Cibachrome prints from transparencies.

Space in New York – often measured in square footage, is usually considered in the physical realm. But our perception and experiences within it can also influence the nature of space.

Enjoy the exhibit. –David Verrico

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David Verrico, a native of the industrial Ohio River Valley northwest of Pittsburgh, has lived in Carroll Gardens and Park Slope for the last 16 years. After receiving his degree in Regional Planning and Geography from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowhip. While traveling throughout India over the course of two months, a more serious interest in photography developed. He later went on to become a successful architectural an interior design photographer. With nearly 25 years of experience in photography, he is largely self-taught. His photographs have won awards and are represented in private and public collections.