Reading Light

February 13, 2007 - April 21, 2007
Central Library, Lobby Gallery
Reading Light by Molly Schwartz

Reading Light is a video projection of a floor to ceiling bookshelf, full of books. Within the books and between the projected shelves are animated dioramas. Each animation contains a tiny travelogue through Brooklyn. These are collages featuring close-ups and freely shifting views between times and neighborhoods.

Brooklyn is temporarily contained in the books: its streets and buildings; its history; its population; brilliant aerial panoramas of the borough and living maps, full of past, current and future voyages. In the video animation I use my studio work as source material, importing my own drawings, paintings and photographs. I work back and forth between computer and paper and paint. The animations are both travelogue and dialogue, as I look for crossover and shifting perspectives of living Brooklyn: historical, physical, visual and personal.

BPL Exhibition, Molly SchwartzMolly Schwartz is a painter as well as a freelance animator, designer and compositor for independent films and television. Her drawings and animated video shorts are included in the Pierogi Gallery's Flat Files collection in Brooklyn. Her work has shown in many gallery exhibitions and film screenings, including the Brooklyn Arts Council's 39th International Film and Video Festival and the Brooklyn International Film Festival, among others. Schwartz has taught at NYU and was a resident artist at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and at I-Park Artist's Residency.

Artist photo © Eric Eble.

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