The Other Bushwick by Bob Rothstein

December 8, 2011 - February 18, 2012
Central Library, Foyer Gallery Cases
Collages based on childhood memories, old photographs and return visits to a more obsure part of Bushwick.

This artistic study combines old photos and present day collages to capture the feel of the Bushwick I knew as a young child. It actually speaks more about my own response to the old neighborhood.

One of the many influences on my artistic direction was a painting my grandfather did, which always hung in my family’s home. It is of three men sitting on a bench, very much like one from Ben Shahn. The painting is very primitive, but marvelous and always greeted with strong emotions.

My artistic journey has also been molded by the colors and figurative character of German expressionism, the California bay artists, the Ashcan School and John Marin. I owe a great deal to my former teacher at the Art Students League, Dan Dickerson.

BPL - Exhibition: The other Bushwick, Robert Rothstein, headshotBob Rothstein has exhibited his work at Marissa Alperin Studio in Brooklyn; Ashawagh Hall, Crazy Monkey Gallery, Solar and Elaine Benson Gallery in the Hamptons; and the Art Students League in Manhattan. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in zoology from the University of Vermont and a Master of Science in biology from New York University, studied bioengineering at Carnegie Mellon University, and is a life member of the Art Students League.


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BPL - Exhibition: The Other Buchwick
Aunt Blanche's House
©Bob Rothstein

BPL - Exhibition: The Other Bushwick
Bushwick Avenue
©Bob Rothstein

BPL - Exhibition: The Other Bushwick
Under the Broadway "El"
©Bob Rothstein